Window Remodeling Ideas

Windows need remodeling when a room is remodeled, or you will become bored with the look of your window. You do not need to buy a new window to successfully remodel it. In lieu of that, you may need to apply paint or alter your curtains as both of these options remodel the look and feel to the window. Here are some window remodeling ideas.


Replace the Glass

When remodeling the look and feel of your window, replacing the glass immediately remodels it. Glass for windows comes in a variety of options, including built-in dividers, etched glass or clear glass. Measure the glass for the window before purchasing new glass, as window replacement glass comes in a variety of sizes, which ensures you buy the correct size for your specific window.


Install New Window Trim

Remove the trim around your window, and install new trim to remodel your window. Installing new trim instantly remodels the look and feel to the window. Select trim to generate a dramatic remodel to the window; if your window trim currently is white, purchase black window trim to put in.


Paint the Window Trim

In the event you do not need to remove or install anything on the window but need to remodel the look and feel of it, paint the window trim. Select a paint color to complement your decorating colors in the room. Painting window trim does not need special skills or tools. Remove window treatments before painting the window trim as this prevents accidental paint from splattering on them.


Apply Window Film

Applying window film remodels the look and feel of the window. Window film comes in a massive variety of styles and colors, including etched glass, stained glass and bold, bright colors such as red. You do not need any special skills or tools to apply window film. Measure the window, and cut the window film to size. Window film clings to your window by misting the window with water.


Window Treatments

In the event you do not need to remove and install new window items or paint the window trim, alter the window treatments. Window treatments dress a window and create a glance and feel to the window. When deciding on new window treatments for your window, select a window treatment opposite of what you currently have; if your window has curtains, select blinds for the window.

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