Believe it or not, but the way you “think” about working from home does make an impact on your success or failure. I find it extremely helpful to pay attention to your body’s signals. Why? Have you ever HAD-TO-GET “something” done, and you just could not complete whatever the task was no matter how hard you “tried?” I sure have! Man, I remember when I used to sit at my desk for HOURS.


What did I do? NOTHING! Or, at least, nothing much!


I “tried!” I sat there KNOWING I had to get work done. I had a deadline. I could NOT skip the deadline. I just sat there.


Hours passed. Nothing was accomplished, but a lot of ‘knowing’ I had so much to accomplish.


The next day I had to work around the clock. I worked 36-hours straight because of my “lack of productivity” the day before. I was exhausted by the time I completed the project. You would think I would have learned right then and there! Nope!


I repeated that vicious cycle for years until I realized that I HAD TO pay attention to my body’s signals … aka I had a make a mind-body connection if I wanted to be as productive as I could be, in the least amount of time, freeing up time for other activities other than working.


I don’t want to see you waste time like I did. I don’t want to see you become as frustrated as I did. I truly believe creating a mind-body connection will help your productivity, your mental health, and even your physical health.But how do you do that?

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What Time Do You Work Best/Least?


Is there a time of day or night that you work best? Can you concentrate better, and get more done? My time of the day is evenings to late night. I try to work during the day, and I do. However, at night when is when I can work at my best. It’s just how my body works. How does your body work?




What Time Of Day Are You Most Productive? 


There are morning people, and then there are evening people! There is NO way I could pop out of bed, and be productive. I am NOT a morning person. I need at least 3 cups of coffee, and a good hour for my brain to start functioning. Due to my lack of morning love, I work best in the evenings. I can sit down at my computer at the strangest hours of the night, and run down my list of “jobs” like nothing. I could also sit at my computer TRYING to be productive first thing in the morning, and get absolutely NOTHING done. If you don’t know what time of day or night you are most productive, start paying attention. Figuring out your body’s signals will help you in life, as well as working-from-home.






What Time Of Day Are You Most Productive? 


Becoming tired, or never feeling as if you got enough rest is part of life for many today. I am not talking about that kind-of tired. I mean mentally tired!!!


If you are not used to a lot of mental ‘work more’ than chances are you could suffer headaches at first, brain pain, and mental as well as physical exhaustion. If you ask me, ‘mental work’ is harder on your body than physical work. My muscles can heal, and recover faster than my brain. Our brain is a muscle, and if we don’t work the muscle a lot it will become sore. Please don’t push yourself at first. Allow your brain time to adjust to the stress of working from home. Stop when YOU become mentally tired.





Why You Should Mentally Plan Ahead


I don’t want you to become overwhelmed if this is your first time truly working from home, and to prevent that as much as I can, please mentally plan ahead. What am I talking about? Mentally plan your work assignments for tomorrow, what you are going to cook, if you have errands, etc. Mentally planning ahead will reduce some stress.


Most importantly have fun working from home!

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