What Makes Me Different From All Other Work-at-Home Offers Online?

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read why I am different from all other work-at-home offers you have ever seen online. First, I need to say that I am NOT a company. I am a mother who has work-at-home for over 20-years. I did all the legwork for you! Today, I know what is REAL, and what is a scam. I know how to make REAL money from the comfort of my home. I am not a company telling you if you buy this or that you will instantly become rich. You will instantly have all your dreams answered. What I am is a mother, who decided approximately two-years ago, I wanted to help others make money from home.

If you follow this blog you know that I started working at home falling for this or that ‘scam.’ I did what MANY of you do, or have done. I HATED IT! I did NOT want to recruit. I did not want to have to sell. I did not want…. I wanted to do a task, and get paid for it.


I KNEW there WAS a way to make money online. I felt it in my heart-and-soul. I watched how this person or that person made money without having to leave his or her home to find a job. I studied videos. I read book-after-book on the subject.

Before I knew it, my family was in a situation where all our income stopped! I was a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of four children at home who also attended online college full-time. MY PLATE was FULL already.


I went back to college to prove to my children that you are never too old to go for your dreams. I had NO idea that one day I would be teaching others how to make money from home. I had NO idea that I would be sought by media. I had no idea…..

Long story short… I tried EVERYTHING you can try to make money online over 20-years. I am self-taught. I have worked for private clients performing jobs such as a ghostwriter for books for attorneys, doctors, professors. I have managed over 40 writers of a VERY popular online magazine. I wrote product descriptions for BIG BOX companies. If you would like to see my credentials you can do so here.


I look forward to working with you and making your dream of making money from the comfort of your home a reality.


I share with you tips and tricks I have learned with on online career.


I share with you REAL, LEGITIMATE jobs!


I share with you how to start a blog! Blogging alone can change your life! I help you! I answer your questions.




Your search for LEGITIMATE work-at-home ends here. I do not vanish! I devote A LOT of my personal time helping you! Your success is my mission!


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