How to Choose the Right Carpet Color for Your Room

carpet color

Carpet typically becomes the largest decorative color in a room, and compliments the color of the walls. When choosing your carpet color, take into consideration the other colors throughout the room. Decide if you want one-colored of carpet or multi-colored carpet. Choose carpet colors to accentuate the beautifulness of your room. Match Perhaps your room … Read more

How to Become and Use YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

How to Become and Use YOUR AFFILIATE LINK. It has come to my attention that there are questions regarding how to become an affiliate of mine, and what to do once you are an affiliate. I would like to explain how this works for those of you who have questions…     If you want … Read more

How to Start a Blog with No Experience, and Make Money Your First Month – Easy to Follow Guide for Beginners!

how to blog

I truly believe that ANYONE who works from home should have a blog. I truly believe that blogging CAN and WILL change your life like has mine and so many others. You do NOT need special skills with my easy to follow guide. Blogging gives you INSTANT credibility! Blogging opens doors for work-from-home companies that … Read more


5 steps

Taking the proper steps before painting your home can be a great benefit to you because it will save you time. A couple of things you should take into consideration are; what type of paint you want to paint with, such as flat paint or maybe even a gloss finished paint. They all offer different … Read more


container garden

When you look for ideas on container gardening, consider the containers themselves. Typically, herbs, small flowers or vegetables grow in container gardens. Container gardening provides the possibility of relocating the garden from one area to another. Think outside the box when selecting your containers for your container garden. MAILBOXES Mailboxes make a unique, artistic container … Read more

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