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Welcome to Duct Tape My Heart, an online store by Stephanie Nolan! For YEARS, I wanted to open an online store but I could never come up with a name that radiated what my store is about until now, thanks to a soul sister! Duct Tape My Heart is an online store that sells items I have personally created, and touched. EVERYTHING, you purchase from Duct Tape My Heart is spiritually cleansed BY ME in Maine USA to bring the highest good to you!






  • Crafted, Blessed and Cleansed by the Hands of a Natural Healer.

  • All items come cleansed for the highest good they can provide YOU!

  • One-of-a-kind items for rare special gifts!

  • Healing Jewelry!

  • Tarot Card Readings (pick your deck!)

  • Psychic Medium Readings!

  • Arts & Crafts for Sale!

  • Crystals, Gems, and More …

  • More Coming Soon…


A portion of all sales goes towards helping a single pregnant mother get the baby supplies she desperately needs.



Blue Lattice Agate Healing and Spiritual

Blue Lattice Agate is a strong stone that helps alleviate anger and tension. Blue Lattice Agate brings peace of mind and calmness. It also helps you clarify your thoughts, and resonates with the throat chakra.


Blue Lattice Agate is an excellent stone for those who need a boost in communicating properly to get their point across.





Spiritually Blue Lattice Agate improves your ability to communicate with spirit, as well as helps you communicate with your spirit guide. This stone will help you communicate with other beings within the spiritual realm.


Blue Lattice Agate may aid in getting the answers you need from your spirit guide.

Turquoise Stone Healing Jewelry



Turquoise is a healing stone, which benefits the whole body. Turquoise has special strengths healing issues of the immune system, waste, respiratory, and skeletal systems.

Spiritually turquoise is associated with calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, refreshing, wholeness, creativity, serenity, emotional balance, spiritual grounding, good luck, friendship, joy, love, patience, loyalty, and intuition.


Yellow Jasper Healing and Spiritual



Jasper stones are known as scared and powerful stones of protection. Yellow Jasper aids you in reducing stress and anxiety. Jasper stones help balance your solar plexus chakra, which helps keep your mind clear and focused.


Spiritually Yellow Jasper helps guide you through the correct life path you are meant to be on. Yellow Jasper is a stone, which will bring confidence and courage, attract positive energy and even boost your self-confidence.



I DO TAKE CUSTOM ORDERS! If you are interested please email me HERE! 

My daughter wearing earrings and a necklace I made her. I wanted to show what my items look like on people. 




Stephanie was born into the natural energy of her intuitive spirit and has grown her gifts over the years to share them with the world.  Book your psychic reading today! You won’t be disappointed. She has changed thousands of skeptics into believers!


1 Card Tarot Reading Plus Consultation


Get a one-card tarot reading for insight or a general daily reading. This simple medium tarot reading can help you resolve a question or give general daily insight and info to help you get through the day. I will call in YOUR guides to guide me to the exact card FOR YOU.


Once payment is made, click here to email me for your reading.


Includes: 1 consultation


Mini Tarot Reading 3 to 5 Cards


Get a mini tarot reading for insight into your past, present, and future. This is a good reading to use of you want the full picture on a specific question or situation. I will call in YOUR guides to guide me to the exact card FOR YOU.


Includes: 1 consultation


Standard Tarot Card Reading 6 – 10 Cards


Get a standard tarot reading for insight into your present, immediate future, the next turn of events in your life, distant future, and the result/answer to your question. I will call in YOUR guides to guide me to the exact card FOR YOU.


Includes: 1 consultation


**Readings, healing gems, etc. are for informational purposes only. Please do your own research. I am not held accountable for neglectful actions, intentions, or purposes. Individual benefits and results may vary. I am not held accountable for the misuse of my services, or products.  **


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