Kitchen Counter Space Solutions

The kitchen is often the most used room in a home. To run a kitchen effectively you may wish to know about some hints, tips and tricks to implement into your countertop space. Perhaps, you have plastic grocery bags that you have saved taking up precious space in your kitchen or you have your recipes scattered from one end to the other. Here are some kitchen counter space solutions.


Counter height

If you are in the middle of remodeling your kitchen, consider placing countertops at various heights instead of the typical same height for all. This allows for different tasks in the kitchen to be accomplished easier. For example, kneading dough is more comfortable on a lower countertop. If you are not remodeling your kitchen, you can elevate yourself by standing on a sturdy stool.

Counter top damage

Possibly your home has plastic or laminate countertops and they have a burn or stain on them. Don’t fret, you can cover that up so that no one will even know it is there with a little creativity and imagination. Consider cutting out the damaged area and inserting a stainless steel cutting board or gluing a decorative tile directly over the damaged area to use as a trivet.

Garbage solution

If your kitchen contains a butcher-block counter, you may wish to consider cutting a square hole in it and storing a garbage pail directly under the hole. This allows you to push peelings and other debris down the hole easily and directly into the garbage. You can place a cutting board or chopping block directly over the hole to hide it and cut down on odors in your kitchen.

Knife storage

Perhaps you don’t like the look and clutter of a traditional knife block taking up your counter space. You may wish to consider cutting a long slot directly into your countertop to hold your knives. This allows the knives to be nearby but eliminates the clutter of the traditional knife block. Take precautions when implementing this solution so the blades of the knives (when hanging in the slot) do not cut anyone.


Most kitchens have recipe cards in them for easy access when cooking. Storing your favorite recipes in three-ring photo album containing plastic pages allows for easy viewing, but shields them from drips, spills or stains. You can store the photo albums neatly on top of your refrigerator, in a cupboard or on a shelf. Children especially will benefit from having a recipe to follow in a book that protects it from possible damage.


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