How to Install a Clothes Dryer Vent on Siding

Turning on your clothes dryer, and hot air released into your home could cause numerous problems. Possibly your clothes dryer is in your home but the clothes dryer is not properly vented. Perhaps you recently have moved into a new home that does not have a preexisting dryer vent, and you are wondering what to do. Venting a clothes dryer properly through vinyl siding on a home is rather an easy task to accomplish.


Things you will need:
Power drill
4-1/4 inch hole saw
Dryer vent
Tape measure
Duct hose for the dryer
Silicon caulking
Caulking gun
Four wood screws
Metal tape

Step 1
Starting from inside your home, locate the area that you will insert the dryer vent pipe through the wall, to outside of your home. Measure from the common wall inside the home, and transfer this measurement to the exterior wall of the home.

Step 2
Translate the internal measurement to the common wall on the outside of the home, and make a mark using a pencil. Double-check the measurements for accuracy.

Step 3
Use the pipe side of the dryer vent, and place it centered on the vinyl siding. Place in a position so the dryer vent hood will sit flat against the vinyl siding. Trace the pipe so that you have a 4-inched hole traced on the exterior of your home. Drill a pilot hole using a drill and small drill bit. Ensure that you are satisfied with the location of the hole on the inside of the home.

Step 4
Use a drill with a 4-1/4 inch hole saw attached. Drill out the hole, and firmly hold the drill level while drilling. This will avoid the hole saw from binding against the wood or catching.

Step 5
Pass the dryer vent through the hole, and flush the vent against the siding. Level the dryer vent with a small carpenter’s level. Mark the screw holes with a pencil, and remove the dryer vent. Drill the holes a little bigger through the siding than the wood screws. Try to leave the wood untouched, as this will give the siding room to contract or expand throughout the different seasons of the year.

Step 6
Place the dryer vent back through the hole, and line up the predrilled holes with the holes in the vent. Use the four wood screws included with the dryer vent to secure the dryer vent to the house. Silicon all four sides of the vent and the screws to keep any water from entering.

Step 7
Attach dryer hose to the dryer vent on the inside of the house. Tape both ends of the connection with metal tape to ensure a tight seal.

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