How to Decorate a Great Room Like a Mountain Home

If you enjoy spending time in the mountains, decorate your great room to resemble a mountain home, such as a cabin or log home. A great room can assume the place of a variety of rooms in a traditional home, including the lounge, den & study. When decorating your great room in a mountain theme, think about using decorations present in cabins & log homes. Natural colors & d├ęcor items can generate a mountain theme within a great room.

Paint the great room with interior paint, a paintbrush & a paint roller. Use a color present in nature, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue or brown. The decor of a mountain home is often nature-based.

Incorporate wooden furniture in to your great room. Wooden furniture is often used to generate a rustic appearance. Think about sofas with wooden frames, tree-trunk tables & wooden-framed chairs.

Decorate your furniture & walls with handmade quilts. Not only are handmade quilts often used to decorate mountain, cabin or log homes, they provide warmth on chilled nights. Hang small wall quilts on the walls & place giant quilts over the furniture.

Display taxidermied animals in your great room. Hunting is a sport often practiced by those who own mountain homes. You may need to display stuffed versions of fish, bear or moose.

Arrange a variety of plants & indoor trees around the great room. Plants & trees bring a living element in to the nature-themed decor.

Utilize a variety of bear & moose accessories within the great room. These can include moose- or bear-themed lamps, framed artwork & curtains.

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