How to Change Your Lipstick Color Using Eye Shadow

 Guess what? If you love wearing lipstick then you should also know that it is recommended to stay with earth tones instead of say, hot pink! The reason I recommend earth tones is because they will generally go with whatever you are wearing. Did you know that by mixing your colors this simple little trick will save you a lot of money?

There are three main colors of lipstick that you should work with.

These colors are brown, orange and maroon. Not only are these the best three colors to work with, but they also mix extremely well with other makeup products, such as eye shadow. Having said this, a basic red colored lipstick is also a good color to have, but I recommend you save this shade of lipstick for the evening.

Red lipstick can create a large variety of colors when you mix it properly. When you are mixing contrasting colors, you should do so in a small jar or bowl. Mix lipstick colors until you have created a shade that you like, and you have made sure that your lipstick is mixed well. You do not want part of your lips one color and another part of your lips another color.

In order to add eye shadow to your lipstick color and completely change its appearance, it is rather simple.


Select an eye shadow color that will complement your lipstick color – for example, if you created an earth-toned lipstick color, you could gently dab a small amount of gold colored eye shadow directly on your lips after you have applied the lipstick. This will instantly change the color of your lipstick as well as add create an elegant appearance.

Have you ever changed the color of your lipstick with eye shadow? If so, what are some of your favorite color combinations?

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