4 Easy Ways to Remodel Your Basement

Homes with basements provide limitless ideas for the basement use. Perhaps, you enjoy crafts but do not have a designated are for crafting or you wish to have a home-based business. Consider all possibilities for your basement. Create an extension of your home or turn your basement into an area all its own.


Turn your basement into one massive playroom for your children. Paint the walls in a theme to match the personalities of your children. Because basements are rather a darker room in a home, try to paint the walls a light hue instead of a dark or bold color. Possibly, arrange bright, colorful baskets or shelves for the children along one wall in the basement to organize their toys. Children enjoy a place of their own.


Adults need a place to play too, so why not turn your basement into that area. Purchase an inexpensive pool table, dartboard, mini-bar and television. Paint the walls a dark color—for example, maroon. Set up an area in your basement for gaming and a different area for movie watching. Perhaps, you wish to hold weekly poker games in your basement. Let your passion for gaming or movies guide you regarding how to create the perfect entertainment basement.


Perhaps, you want to start an at-home daycare but, did not think you had the room. Create a daycare in your basement. This option provides you the possibility of making an income by transforming your basement into a daycare. Purchase sleeping bags for the children to nap in. Line bookshelves along walls and fill with children’s books. Possibly, paint the alphabet and numbers on the walls. If your basement does not have a private entrance, you may want to consider hiring a professional to install one for you. Before completing this conversion, check with your state for the regulations and codes of a basement daycare.


Home Office
If you happen to work from home, turn your basement into a home office. You do not need to spend a small fortune on this transformation. Instead, think frugally. Use bookshelves you have already or purchase some from your local thrift store or garage sales. These can double as your filing cabinet as well with the use of boxes. Decorate the boxes if you wish. If your basement does not already have a telephone line, you will need to install one.

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