Home Landscape Decorating Ideas

Decorating your landscape adds curb appeal to your home. When thinking about how or what to include in your landscape, the outside of your home plays an important role. Updating your deck or shutters instantly adds detail and beauty to your homes landscape. Displaying decorations from your curb to your doorstep decorates your whole landscape. You do not need any special skills or tools to successfully decorate your homes landscape.

  • Mow the lawn and remove all grass clippings.
  • Paint your deck, porch or patio, if needed, with exterior paint. Select a paint color that will complement your homes exterior color; for example, if your home is grey, you may require to paint your deck, porch or patio white. Permit the paint to dry thoroughly before jogging on the structure.
  • Edge a solitary tree on your property with a brick circle that extends about 6 inches from the trunk. Place the bricks, after the other, around the tree until you have done a border around the trunk.
  • Fill the space between the bricks and the tree with mulch. Mulch comes in a variety of materials and colors, such as red cedar mulch. This makes your tree a focus on the lawn.
  • Place a birdbath on your lawn in a visible area. Birdbaths look best when they are placed by trees or in the midst of an open area on the lawn. Birdbaths also attract birds to your lawn, adding a living, decorative touch to the landscaping.
  • Hang bird feeders on your lawn. Use the tree you have created mulch bedding around. For an added decorative touch, display multiple bird feeders of various sizes and colors.
    Replace your curbside mailbox with a decorative mailbox. Decorative mailboxes come in a immense variety of designs, including those featuring beach scenes or floral graphics. Replacing a traditional black curbside mailbox with a decorative adds a splash of color to your landscape.
  • Plant flowers along the side of your home and driveway to add another living decoration to your landscape. Plant flowers of different colors, sizes and shapes, and, come spring and summer, the flowers will bring color and aroma to the landscape.
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