Fireplace Focal Point Decorating Ideas

Living rooms with fireplaces generate a romantic atmosphere. If your hearth does not draw attention to itself, consider making it the focal point of your living room. However, doing so does not require you to remodel the whole room. 

Paint the room in a shade to complement the hearth. For example, if your hearth has red bricks, think about painting the room a light beige color. Painting the room, this color will highlight the bricks of the hearth and will draw the eyes to it.



Arrange the furniture in the room to face the hearth. For example, if you are decorating a living room, arrange your couch and chairs to face the hearth as a replacement for a TV. This creates a hearth focal point in the room.

Place a hearth tool holder to the side of the hearth on your floor. Select a decorative hearth tool holder, such as made of gold or iron. Place your hearth tools in the tool holder. This lets you display your hearth tools and decorates around the hearth.

Arrange a variety of candles on your hearth mantel. Select candles in different colors and sizes. During a holiday, display candles with its corresponding theme.

Place an arrangement of flowers–fresh or artificial–on the hearth mantel. Flowers bring a variety of colors to the hearth & they add decoration to the room.

Select your favorite framed relatives’ photographs and place them on the hearth mantel between the candles and flowers. Framed family photographs let you personalize the room with decorations.

Enjoy your new focal point!

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