Crushed Brick Landscaping Ideas

If you have crushed brick and need to landscape with it, you do not need any special skills or tools. Crushed brick works well as a landscaping material. Over time, crushed brick will seep in to the ground, Take this in to account when designing a landscape with it, as you may need to replace it in a few years. Here are some crushed brick landscaping ideas.


Generate an edge around your garden, flowerbed, driveway or deck with crushed brick. Place the crushed brick on the ground as you would mulch and secure it to the area with giant bricks. Outline your edge with giant bricks and fill in the space between the brick and the item along with your crushed brick. Your crushed brick goes where you would normally place mulch. Crushed brick comes in a variety of colors, including white, grey and pink.


If your lawn does not have a walkway, generate with crushed brick. Outline your walkway with another item — for example, lawn pavers — and fill in along with your crushed brick. Water the crushed brick and tamp it down to make sure it does not blow all over your lawn. This allows you and your guests to have a designated area on your lawn for jogging. You do not must pour cement to generate a successful walkway to your garden or shed on your lawn.


In lieu of using traditional mulch around your trees, lay crushed brick. Crushed brick works well in lieu of mulch and adds a distinct decorative item to your lawn. You may need to lay full bricks around the tree base to hold the crushed brick; this prevents the crushed brick from blowing away. Think about what color of crushed brick you need to place around your trees — for example white, pink and grey. Use a color to complement your other outdoor decorative items.

Weed Control

If your lawn has a bush garden, place crushed brick on the ground under and around your bushes. This helps aid in weed control and prevents weeds from growing in areas hard to reach. Laying crushed brick also lets you bring in a different color to your bush garden. Basically lay the crushed brick in the places you need to control weeds.


Place your crushed brick against the foundation of your home. Laying crushed brick against your home’s foundation adds a decorative item to your lawn and helps prevent water from draining to your foundation. Think about placing your crushed brick around the whole perimeter of your home’s foundation.

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