You can truly work from home as long as you know where to work, what’s expected, and how you can pay your bills, make a full-time income from the comfort of your home.  I can show you how to eliminate your travel to and from a “job,”, having to wear a face mask due to … Read more

What is SEO? SEO Explained!

You’ve heard about SEO, but what in the hell is it? SEO, SMO, SMHO, WHAT? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization… meaning you want to rank HIGH on the search engines. I am currently writing another book on SEO; keep an eye out if you are interested. However, below are a few tips I hope … Read more

Work from Home: How to Handle Rejection

No matter what you decide to do for work from home, there is a very high chance that you will run into rejection. You may get a comment on your personal blog, you may get a comment from a client or editor, whatever happens please know that you are not alone. Rejection happens. It hurts. … Read more

Work at Home: How to Combat Performance Anxiety

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You have your very first work at home task, but you are overwhelmed with performance anxiety. Heck, I still have performance anxiety today, and I have been working from home for 20-years. Nerves are part of the territory. If you find yourself anxious over working at home, You Are Not Alone!   You are … Read more

How to Become and Use YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

How to Become and Use YOUR AFFILIATE LINK. It has come to my attention that there are questions regarding how to become an affiliate of mine, and what to do once you are an affiliate. I would like to explain how this works for those of you who have questions…     If you want … Read more

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