Entry wall closets hold a variety of items. Perhaps, your closet does not have specific areas for the different items you store in it or you lack adequate lighting in your closet. When deciding on ways to enhance the function of your entryway closet, consider what you store in the … Continue reading

Creative Garage Storage Ideas

Storing items in your garage does not have to cost a small fortune. Think of ways that you can recycle items you use on a daily basis, as a creative garage storage solution. Many items that you would typically dispose of in your recycle bin could hold the answer to your storage … Continue reading

Kitchen Counter Space Solutions

The kitchen is often the most used room in a home. To run a kitchen effectively you may wish to know about some hints, tips and tricks to implement into your countertop space. Perhaps, you have plastic grocery bags that you have saved taking up precious space in your kitchen or you have your … Continue reading