7 Home Remedies for Deer Repellent

Deer are animals always looking for food in people’s gardens or their shrubs. All of these are subject to a deer’s food source. Some home remedies work well to repel deer from your gardens, shrubs or any other plants that deer might eat. Most home remedies are made with common household materials. Deer tend to get used to things that bother them after a couple weeks of seeing or tasting things that they do not like. Changing remedy methods, every couple of weeks, will keep the deer at bay.



Bars of Soap
Hanging bars of soap from disturbed trees, or along fences near plants or gardens help repel deer. Scented soaps work well. Leave the soap in the wrapper, as this protects the soap from the weather alignments.

Stakes Pounded in The Ground
Pound stakes in the ground every two feet around any disturbed areas. Tie 30 or 40 pound-test monofilament fishing line around the stakes. Deer cannot see the fishing line, and get spooked when they bump into the fishing line.

Hang Compact Disks
Tie a piece of monofilament fishing line around the center of a compact disk, and hang compact disks from a tree or fence where the deer are disturbing. This works well during the day as the compact disks swing in the breeze, creating a bright flash of light that scares the deer away. This, however; does not work well at night.

Human or Dog Hair
Stuff human or dog hair inside a pantyhose, and hang in the area that deer have been disturbing. Human hair would be available at your local barbers or hair salon.

Homemade Hot Sauce
Mix hot sauce with equal parts of water. Put this hot sauce mixture into a spray bottle, and spray on plants and any other vegetation that deer have been eating. If the hot sauce is extremely strong, mix 2 tbsp. with a half gallon of water. Reapply after rainstorms to any plants or shrubs.


Aluminum Foil
Tying aluminum foil to fences creates a shiny reflection and a riffling sound when the wind blows the aluminum foil, scaring the deer away. Deer tend to come accustom to the sound of the aluminum foil after hearing the fluttering sound repeatedly.

Bubble Wrap
Cut pieces of plywood, and staple bubble wrap to the plywood. Position the pieces of bubble wrapped plywood, in front of the garden fence or any plants the deer have been eating. Cover the bubble wrap with leaves or grass. When the deer stand on the bubble wrap, they will pop the bubble wrap, spooking the deer.


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