5 Gift Ideas for Women from a Secret Admirer

5 Gift Ideas for Women from a Secret Admirer! Send the woman you secretly admire a gift and sign the card “From Your Secret Admirer.” She will instantly know someone has a crush on her and may enjoy receiving a surprise gift. Also, include hints for her to figure out your identity.


Send the woman you secretly admire a bouquet of flowers. Most women enjoy being surprised at work or home with aromatic, fresh flowers. In case you wish for her to figure out who you are, include a hint along with your note, such as “From your secret admirer (a coworker).”


Gift Basket

Make a gift basket to surprise the woman admire. Purchase a basket, and fill it with themed items, such as a bath gift basket with bath soaps, bath lotions, shampoo, conditioner, and candles. For a food-themed gift basket, include crackers, cheeses, grapes, nuts, and a bottle of wine.



Give the woman you admire the gift of gourmet chocolate. Select a variety of gourmet chocolate including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. You may purchase gourmet chocolate at a sweet or chocolate store. Include a note saying, “I’m sweet on you.” This keeps her guessing by not giving away your identity.



Send the woman you admire a piece of jewelry. Most women enjoy receiving and wearing jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, and rings. When purchasing a special piece of jewelry for her, do not purchase costume jewelry. Costume jewelry tarnishes and leaves green marks on the skin.


Stuffed Animals

Send a variety of stuffed animals containing different love sayings, such as a teddy bear holding a red heart that reads, “You have my heart.” This gift option immediately lets her know someone likes her. Send stuffed animal every Friday for one month. Include a note each week with hints of your identity so she can figure out who is sending her the gifts.


I hope you enjoyed my 5 Gift Ideas for Women from a Secret Admirer!








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