5 Easy Chalkboard Paint Ideas for Your Kitchen

When you decide to incorporate a chalkboard into your kitchen, consider applying chalkboard paint. This ensures the chalkboard remains where you intend, and allows you to decide a specific size for the chalkboard in your kitchen. To remove chalkboard paint, simply paint over it with an interior paint color of your choice.


The refrigerator commonly holds shopping lists. Instead of tape or placing your shopping list on your refrigerator with a magnetic, chalkboard paint the front of your refrigerator. You can constantly update your shopping list with the ease of an eraser and a piece of chalk. A chalkboard refrigerator also works well for homeschooling families or as a place for children to practice their schoolwork.


Kitchens commonly have a letterbox. Apply chalkboard paint the outside of the letterbox or boxes. This ensures you can keep track of mail sent and mail received with ease by writing on the chalkboard paint—for example, sent mail. For an added benefit– purchase, different colors of chalkboard paint and color-code you letterbox or boxes.


Perhaps you have an older kitchen table, and wonder what you can do with it. Paint the entire table in chalkboard paint. Select a chalkboard paint color to match your décor. This alleviates all those pieces of scrap paper lying about your kitchen. Children enjoy spending time in the kitchen while you prepare food drawing on the chalkboard painted tabletop.


Designate a wall in your kitchen specifically for chalkboard paint. Use the wall to post your meals of the day, unfamiliar recipes you wish to cook and any other kitchen details. This will provide a place for you to leave notes for your family as well. Imagine coming home from an errand or work, and reading a love note, your family member left you on the kitchen wall.


Pantry Doors
Pantry doors provide an opportune place to apply chalkboard paint. Decide if you would like the chalkboard paint on the outside, or the inside of the pantry doors. Once the doors contain chalkboard paint, use them to keep a running list of inventory inside the pantry, and items the pantry is lacking. Possibly, you may want to use this space to hold “to do lists” as well. When making the decision of where to apply your chalkboard paint to your pantry doors, take into consideration if you want your information kept private or public.


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