When you look for ideas on container gardening, consider the containers themselves. Typically, herbs, small flowers or vegetables grow in container gardens. Container gardening provides the possibility of relocating the garden from one area to another. Think outside the box when selecting your containers for your container garden.

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Mailboxes make a unique, artistic container for gardening. Use your old mailboxes lying in your shed or garage. If you do not have any old mailboxes, purchase inexpensive ones at your local thrift store or garage sale. Stand the mailboxes upright, fill with soil, and insert your plant. Decide if you wish to leave the mailboxes in their current state or if you wish to decorate them before planting your garden in them.




Terracotta pots come in a variety of sizes for all your gardening needs. Purchase your terra cotta pots at your local hardware store or nursery. Select the pots according to the size of the plant you designate for each one. Perhaps, you wish to line your deck in herbs planted in terracotta pots or you want to incorporate these into your landscaping.



Recycle those old boots instead of throwing them in the trash. Drill a hole in the sole of your boot, as this provides adequate drainage. Work boots, cowboy boots or any other boot can hold plants and herbs. Boots can hang from fences, deck railings or walls.



Assemble a container garden from old birdbaths. Carefully drill a hole in the bottom of the birdbath bowl to allow for proper drainage. Select small plants or herbs when using birdbaths as your containers for gardening. If you do not have an arrangement of birdbaths to choose from, start out with one birdbath and purchase inexpensive birdbaths as you create your container garden.



Look around your home, shed, and garage for beautiful pieces of pottery lying about. Turn those pieces of pottery into artistic containers for your garden. Perhaps, you have small teacups or large vases sitting empty. These create an adorable container for gardening and highlighting your garden.

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