Hell yes, congratulations! If you are reading this blog post I am going to assume (yes, I know what that means, ha ha!) that you already work from home! PLEASE KEEP LOOKING FOR A WORK-AT-HOME JOB EVEN IF YOU ALREADY WORK-AT-HOME!  If you are reading this post because you are curious why you would need to keep looking for a work-at-home job even if you have a great gig going on…



NOTHING LASTS FOREVER! TRUST ME PLEASE! I MEAN NOTHING. NO JOB ONLINE. NO JOB AT A BRICK AND MORTAR COMPANY! NONE! I have a saying that I always tell people You can NEVER have too many eggs in YOUR basket!” Well, it is really an “insider’s saying!”


real work at home



What in the hell do I mean by “insider’s saying?”


I have been working from home (online) for over 20-years now. I have done just about every single job possible that a person can do from home. Well, okay, maybe not EVERY SINGLE JOB, BUT A LOT! I have worked with people that are extremely well known. I have worked with “people who work online, and know how it works!” for MANY YEARS!




I was lucky enough to be taken under “their wings” as a newbie. And … one thing EVERYONE said was “YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY EGGS IN YOUR BASKET!”



In fact, years ago I used to have a GREAT GIG. Hell, A LOT of people used to have a great gig. We wrote for Yahoo it was also known as Associated Content WAYYYYY back in the day. Everyone thought it would last forever… And, before we knew it. IT ENDED!!



Did I freak out? Nope! Know why? I had SEVERAL EGGS in my basket. Was I upset? HELL YES!! It sucked! Actually, it still sucks. I miss that gig.




Always think about how you can add another job to your list.


Always think about where you can apply.


Always seek more work even if you currently work-at-home. I don’t want you sitting at your desk, or wherever, in shock because your ONE GIG ends!


I STILL look for work daily, even though I am a successful work-at-home business owner. I always think about ways I can grow. I always think about ways I can help my customers. In fact, that is why I opened a private Facebook support group for EVERYONE who purchased my work-at-home guide. I PERSONALLY HELP!!  I am always …  this is what I want for you! J



If you do this, I promise you will be okay, AND successful working at home! I promise you will never wonder what in the hell you are going to do if a gig ends. I can’t promise that you won’t be pissed off, but I can promise you will still be making money from home!





Keep looking every day! Set aside a time for each day of the week that you WILL ACTIVATELY seek work-at-home jobs! Congratulations, and I wish you much success at your work-at-home career!

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