Work from Home Questions I Am Asked Answered Here

Hi! I am often asked questions when it comes to my work from home program, and services that I would like to answer for you.  I hope this post helps to clear any confusion you may have. Below you will find the answers to common questions asked daily. I truly look forward to working with you and helping you make your dream of working from home become a reality.



Do I Pay to Work The Jobs?

NO! NO job or company I PERSONALLY give you or recommend to you require upfront payment.


You DO NOT have to pay companies. I have handpicked and selected LEGIT opportunities for you to succeed with your online career.


What If I Only Have a Computer, or a Cell Phone, or…..


No problem! Seriously! I share with you jobs you can perform using anything you have at your disposal.


If you have a computer but no cell phone, no problem.


If you have ONLY a cell phone, no problem!


If you borrow a computer, no problem.


If you TRULY want or need to make money, I can help you!



Am I Guaranteed To Make Money?


YES! However, I must say that in order to make money working from home, one must actually work.


If you put in the effort, time and dedication to making an income from the comfort of your home, it can be done.


I am living proof as I have been working from home for over 20-years now, and started with NO EXPERIENCE!


I give you absolutely EVERYTHING you need TO NEVER have to look outside your home again for income, INCLUDING MY PERSONAL HELP!


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Is there STABLE income?


YES! Jobs are yours for the taking. However, you must do the work. I can’t stress that enough. I have not worked outside my home in two-decades, nor do I ever plan on it again.


Companies actually SAVE MONEY hiring at-home workers!


Back in the ’90s, companies started using telecommuting.


Today, just about every company has at-home workers!


STABLE INCOME working from home is here to stay!

What If I Work Full-Time or Have Children at Home?


This may sound too good to be true, odd, or whatever. BUT. Working from home truly provides you the freedom to work whenever you want or can.  If you have small children at home, it is okay. You can work when they are napping, awake, etc.





If you work outside of your home, no problem either. Select work from home jobs you can complete when you have free time.



How Do I Know You Are Not a Scam?


I have to admit something to you. When people call me a scam or ask me if I am one, I used to take offense to that comment because if they personally knew me, or see my work, etc. I would never have to answer that, however, today I help THOUSANDS of people NATIONALLY work from home.


I no longer take offense when I am asked if I am a scam, instead, I feel sad.


When I first started learning how to truly work from home, I fell for scams.



I bought into those babies “hook-line-and-sinker,” and I was let down every single time.


In fact, that is EXACTLY WHY I am doing what I do!


I am a mother of many, grandmother, and have a life, but, I want to help YOU make your dreams come true of staying home with your children, or not having to leave your home to bring in money.


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What Makes MY Work-From-Home Different?


One very important aspect is … I am NOT a company.


I am an individual providing help to many who need or want to work from home.


I handpick, select, and share TOP SECRET opportunities’ with YOU.


Jobs you would need to know about it.


I am always researching, learning and working in order to provide you with the best knowledge.


I guarantee if you follow my lead, use my instructions, and come to my private group YOU WILL MAKE MONEY FROM HOME!



Is This Legit?


YES! If I were not legit, I would not be all over the internet!


If you take a moment to search my name you may find me on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Yahoo, Yahoo New, Yahoo TV, eHow, Garden Guides, USA TODAY (TWICE,), and more!


A few years ago, I decided to help people truly work from home. I was new to helping, and within three-months of posting ads on Facebook for a VERY OLD work from book I wrote which only have 15 jobs at the time, I was spotted by the media and asked to be on iHeartRadio within 48 hours!


You can listen to the broadcast here:



I’ve Always Heard: “REAL Work-from-Home Don’t Require Money Upfront!”


In theory this statement holds true, however, my program offers my services as well.


Not only do you get to TRULY work from home, but you also get my personal help.


I am constantly posting FREE, LEGIT jobs in my private Facebook group.


I answer your questions.


I do not vanish.


I am HANDS-ON in helping YOU make money from home if you need me to be!




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