Work from Home: How to Handle Rejection

No matter what you decide to do for work from home, there is a very high chance that you will run into rejection. You may get a comment on your personal blog, you may get a comment from a client or editor, whatever happens please know that you are not alone.

Rejection happens. It hurts. But, the trick is to learn from it. Don’t allow anyone’s opinion of you to change YOUR opinion of YOURSELF. EVERYONE has a CRITIC!

Don’t Take It Personal

There was a time in my life, and during my online career that I took rejection or nasty comments personally. I would actually cry real tears.


Today, I no longer take rejection or nasty comments personally, and neither should you. EVERYONE has a critic as I stated above. If someone is nasty to you, it’s because they are jealous in one way or another, or maybe they just are plain nasty.


It’s not your problem; you ROCK … REMEMBER that please, and keep chugging along!


Use It to Grow

Let’s say you get a comment that is less-than-friendly about a skill you have, or whatever. Use the nasty comment to grow.

Why not look at criticism as a learning tool, and expand your skillset, and knowledge?

Take a short test online to see what you can expand on; rent a library book, etc.

Heck, this is an opportunity to boost your online career if you look at it that way!


Play Nice

I will admit it can be VERY tempting to reply to a nasty comment, etc. with a nasty reply; however, please think before you blast ugly words online or to a potential client.

PLAY NICE! If someone cuts you down, simply ignore them or come back with a professional, yet nice response.

One I like to use is:

“I am sorry this is not for you; however, it has worked for many others. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.”

See how I play nice?

Of course, I could have responded with something along the lines of…

“Listen here buddy; I have been working from home for 20-years, helping THOUSANDS of people globally. Your opinion does not matter. Now go on with your miserable day, and I will enjoy the rest of my day!”

This reply is not NICE! If I were to write something like this, what would that say about me as a person? My reputation?

Of course, feel free to SAY whatever you want in the comfort of your home, but don’t write it!



Smile, You’ve Done It, You’re a Rock Star!

The good news is if you do get a rejection, nasty comments, etc. YOU HAVE DONE IT! YOU ARE A ROCK STAR! YOU were noticed ONLINE, and are now famous! Well, at least in our own little world, haha!

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