Work Door Decoration Ideas

If your work allows decorations on doors, do not let the door sit bare. Decorating your work door not only provides a visual appeal to the door but also allows you the ability to wish coworkers a Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday. You do not need any special skills or supplies to decorate a door at work. If you need some work door decoration ideas, read on.

Class Time

In case you work in a school — public school, private school or college — you may need to decorate the door to your classroom. Generate a theme for your door — for example, back to school. Cover the whole door with brown paper bags, & secure them with tape. Cut out graphics from construction paper, & tape them to the door — for example, a sign saying “Welcome Back to School.” Decorate the door with school-themed graphics, like apples, you cut from pieces of colored construction paper. Write each of the students’ names on the apples with a black marker.

Library or Study

Decorate your work door with a library or study theme. Cover the door in solid colored wrapping paper like tan, which works well because it creates a feeling of a dark study within a home. Tape graphics of a library or study to the door, including a brown leather chair, books, lamps & pens. To add a personalized decorative touch to the office door, name the books something work related, like Jen’s cubicle.

Tribute to City

Generate a tribute to the city you work in. Cut out newspaper clippings on local events or the city’s history. Print graphics of the city using your computer & printer. Tape all the city’s events, history, weather or any information about the city you need to the door. Decorate the sides of the door with shiny, bright crepe paper.


If your work allows, decorate the door depending on the season or holiday approaching. You can purchase wrapping paper with a season or holiday theme. Cover the door with the themed-wrapping paper. Secure accessories to the door as well — for example, gift bows, paper pumpkins or red hearts made from construction paper. Decorating a work door seasonally allows you constantly to change the appearance of the door.


If a coworker’s birthday is right around the corner, ask your manager or boss in case you can decorate the door at work for the coworker. Find out a few things about your co-worker in case you have no idea them by asking around work. Often, somebody at work would know the answer to questions about the coworkers favorite color & hobby. Decorate the door according to the answers you receive. Select wrapping paper & themed-accessories & secure them to the door. At the top of the door attach a happy birthday banner.

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