Why Having a Professional Attitude is Important

I feel kind of silly putting this tip on my blog; however, it must be added. I cannot count how many times over the past 20-years I have witnessed people who want to work at home have a horrible attitude, and they wonder why they failed?!?! Just like with everything in life, your attitude is important. Even if you decide that working from home isn’t for you, please remember to protect your reputation. You only have one, and it is up to you to protect it.

Here are a few tips I have developed which I feel should help you showcase a professional attitude:


Be Honest. If you can’t perform a task or you don’t have previous experience, don’t pretend. Simply talk with your client, and explain your limitations. I am willing to bet that your client will be understanding, and will thank you for your honestly.


Be a Good Person. This can be hard at times; I won’t lie especially when it comes to someone else being bluntly rude to you. Just take a deep breath, and think before you respond. I admit there have been times I wanted to tell someone where to go and how to get there fast, but honestly if I did that, how would that make me look? What you write online stays ONLINE forever!


Deliver on Time. Everyone understands if an emergency arises or you suddenly fall ill; however, try your best to deliver your work on time to your client. If your client is expecting work from you, and does not hear from you… do you think you will have that client long?


If you cannot complete the work that was assigned to you, contact your client ASAP to see if something can be worked out.


Talk is Cheap Buddy! Promise-after-promise, yet not delivering your assignments is a horrible way to enter into such a competitive field. Don’t skip work for a TV show, etc.


Make work a priority, and you will be rewarded!

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