What is SEO? SEO Explained!

You’ve heard about SEO, but what in the hell is it? SEO, SMO, SMHO, WHAT? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization… meaning you want to rank HIGH on the search engines. I am currently writing another book on SEO; keep an eye out if you are interested. However, below are a few tips I hope will help alleviate some of your questions when it comes to SEO!


What Are Keywords?

The easiest way I know how to explain to you what a keyword is without you having any prior SEO knowledge is the word or words people use to search the internet.

Certain words are searched for more than others, therefore, making them more popular, and in turn making you money if you understand how SEO works!


Because if you are at the top of a search engine page (Okay, if you are in the top three slots!) you have a great chance of making money, being hired by more clients than you can imagine, and so much more!

Typically, your keywords go in your title, the first 150 words of whatever you are writing, the middle paragraph, and the last 150 words.


How Does SEO Involve Search Engines, and Their Spiders?

Search engine spiders? What is this crazy lady talking about? I am not kidding!

Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. have spiders that crawl pages rapidly looking for keywords which tell them what the page is about.



The trick to SEO is figuring out HOW spiders crawl, what words they look for etc.

I don’t want to completely blow your mind, but there are also stop words that will STOP a spider while it is crawling your page dead-in-its-tracks causing your page to rank less-than you would ever want, or wish.

If you plan on doing any form of writing online, which basically ALL jobs in one form or another consist of writing then I HIGHLY recommend you learn everything you can about SEO.


Is SEO Important In Different Forms of Writing Such As Blog Posts, Product Descriptions, Client Articles, Etc.?

I can see some of you shaking your heads thinking you will NEVER have to know or learn SEO. I can promise you if you type ANYTHING that will be online then you WILL NEED to know SEO.

ANYTHING! Blog posts. Product Descriptions. Titles. Data Entry. I promise you that!

Think about it for a second.


Any client that hires you wants to make money. The client is hiring you to post something online, it doesn’t really matter what you are typing … blog posts, article, etc. The main purpose is to attract people. The more people that look at whatever ‘it is’ online, the higher affiliates pay aka ads on the site.

I can’t end this  without saying of course, you will make your client happy and money…BUT, one day you MAY just want to use your SEO skills for YOURSELF!



Free Personal Advertising Skill

If you decide one day that you want to start a business for yourself, a blog, etc. knowing SEO gives you a MAJOR advantage over someone who has no clue what it is.

Why? Because, you don’t need to hire ANYONE to market your skills, etc. You can do it yourself via SEO, more on this later in a different book.

Why not start a business of your own? A blog perhaps?


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