West Indies Style Family Room Decorating

When thinking about how to decorate a relative’s room in a West Indies style, think of island-themed colors & decorations. The West Indies are tropical islands in the Caribbean. Natural materials such as wood, rattan, plants & flowers can enhance the West Indies theme. You don’t need any exceptional skills or talents to get the job done with West Indies style family room decorating.

Paint the walls in the relatives room with a tropical color such as sea green, turquoise, blue, off-white or yellow. Permit the paint, to dry before moving onto the next step.

Install bamboo or wood blinds on the windows in the West Indies relatives room. The blinds work well for this style because they are made from natural materials.

Hang tropical-themed curtains over the blinds.

Incorporate rattan or dark wood furniture to accent the West Indies theme in the room.

Cover the furniture with tropical-colored slipcovers. The covers also help to protect the furniture.

Decorate the furniture with toss pillows in a tropical print. Select a variety of pillows with light & bright colors to generate a striking effect.

Decorate the relatives room with a variety of plants. Selecting little plants & medium-sized palm trees brings a natural element to the room & adds a tropical feeling. You may merge both live & artificial plants & trees, depending on your personal taste.

Place seashells in the relatives room as a tropical decoration. Seashells enhance the shelving, finish tables & a coffee table.

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