Why Having a Professional Attitude is Important

I feel kind of silly putting this tip on my blog; however, it must be added. I cannot count how many times over the past 20-years I have witnessed people who want to work at home have a horrible attitude, and they wonder why they failed?!?! Just like with everything in life, your attitude is … Read more

Work at Home: How to Combat Performance Anxiety

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You have your very first work at home task, but you are overwhelmed with performance anxiety. Heck, I still have performance anxiety today, and I have been working from home for 20-years. Nerves are part of the territory. If you find yourself anxious over working at home, You Are Not Alone!   You are … Read more



Do you struggle finding high paying work-from-home jobs? Perhaps, you have a hard time finding a work-from-home job period. I started working from home with NO EXPERIENCE! I had NO IDEA what I was doing! I am self-taught, and know what it takes to get noticed! When my co-workers’ were struggling to try to find … Read more

7 Fool-Proof Ways to Maximize YOUR Work-from-Home Profits!

I don’t know about you but when I sit down to work, I want to make as much money as I possibly can in the least amount of time. I also want to maximize my profits. Over the past 20-years I have learned how to do just that, and I will share a few tips … Read more

How to Start a Blog with No Experience, and Make Money Your First Month – Easy to Follow Guide for Beginners!

how to blog

I truly believe that ANYONE who works from home should have a blog. I truly believe that blogging CAN and WILL change your life like has mine and so many others. You do NOT need special skills with my easy to follow guide. Blogging gives you INSTANT credibility! Blogging opens doors for work-from-home companies that … Read more

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