How to Replace a Hot Water Heater’s Heating Element

Hot water heaters generally have two heating elements. One heating element is located at the bottom of the hot water tank, and one heating element at the top of the hot water tank. The heating elements that heat the water inside of the hot water tank will wear out over time and need replacing. When … Read more

How to Repair Interior Trim

When starting the process of repairing the wood trim in your home, it may be labor intensive depending on the wood trim. Many older homes trim commonly have six or seven layers of paint on the wood trim. Finding the correct paint stripper and other tools for this project relatively makes the job easier to … Read more

How to Install Green Board In a Shower

Green board comes in other colors than just green. Yellow or blue are also available colors and offer the same benefits as green board does. Green boards serve as a water resistant surface and not recommended to encounter water, as this will result in damage to the green board. Installing green board is a relatively … Read more

How to Install a New Digital Thermostat In Your Home

When installing a new digital thermostat there are a couple of things to figure out. Is your home a single zone thermostat or a multi zone thermostat? If you have one furnace and one central air unit, that would be a single zone. If you have more than one furnace or air unit you would … Read more

How to Install a Clothes Dryer Vent on Siding

Turning on your clothes dryer, and hot air released into your home could cause numerous problems. Possibly your clothes dryer is in your home but the clothes dryer is not properly vented. Perhaps you recently have moved into a new home that does not have a preexisting dryer vent, and you are wondering what to … Read more

How to Fix Rug Backing

Rugs will generally loose the latex backing on the rug over time; commonly the top of the rug will outlast the bottom. The latex on the back of a rug can be vulnerable to the heat of a laundry dryer or even the heavy foot traffic for long periods. However, the good news is the … Read more

How to Change Your Lipstick Color Using Eye Shadow

 Guess what? If you love wearing lipstick then you should also know that it is recommended to stay with earth tones instead of say, hot pink! The reason I recommend earth tones is because they will generally go with whatever you are wearing. Did you know that by mixing your colors this simple little trick … Read more

How to Convert a Dryer from Three Prongs to Four Prongs

Homes contain either a four-prong receptacle or a three-prong receptacle for clothes dryers. You do not have to change the three-prong receptacle; unless you relocate the location of the receptacle, which at that time you should upgrade to the four-prong receptacle. The four-prong receptacles are code enforced for all newer homes—early 2000 and newer. The … Read more

5 Easy Chalkboard Paint Ideas for Your Kitchen

When you decide to incorporate a chalkboard into your kitchen, consider applying chalkboard paint. This ensures the chalkboard remains where you intend, and allows you to decide a specific size for the chalkboard in your kitchen. To remove chalkboard paint, simply paint over it with an interior paint color of your choice.   Refrigerator The … Read more

How to Apply Lipstick to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

How to apply lipstick to make lips look bigger. Have you noticed that more and more women and girls want to have fuller, sexier lips? Are you one of these women or gals? If so, did you know that you can achieve the appearance of having been blessed with a full set of lips without … Read more

4 Easy Ways to Remodel Your Basement

Homes with basements provide limitless ideas for the basement use. Perhaps, you enjoy crafts but do not have a designated are for crafting or you wish to have a home-based business. Consider all possibilities for your basement. Create an extension of your home or turn your basement into an area all its own.   Playroom … Read more

How to Decorate a Country Porch

When you think about different ways to set-up your country porch, consider what color options you want to include. Even if you live in the city, you can still obtain a country feel and look for your porch. A country porch does not necessarily mean you have to live in the country. I share with … Read more

6 Ways to Organize Your Work from Home Career and Life

Unless you are organized you may fail at working from home. There was a day (years ago) that I jumped in head-first. I didn’t organize anything. In fact, I had sticky notes all over my computer, desk, wall, you name it, and before I knew it those sticky notes magically disappeared and I was lost. … Read more

3 Fun Ideas to Decorate Easter Eggs

Dressing up an egg consists of more than simply dying a hard-boiled egg. Let your creativity flow when you decide how to decorate your egg. Blown-out eggshells will provide you with a decoration you can use repeatedly because they do not spoil. Take precautions when decorating a blown-out eggshell as they become fragile.   Flying … Read more

5 Double Wide Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas

If you live in or own a double wide trailer (mobile home) in require of updating, it’s time to remodel it. When deciding on what to remodel, do not forget about the outside of the home. Remodeling the inside & exterior ensures you have remodeled your double wide & adds curb appeal. Drywall Remove the … Read more

How to Organize a Child’s Bedroom in 4 Simple Steps

Children often spend hours in their bedrooms. Creating a bedroom that will work for the child instead of against the child will prevent him from becoming disorganized and cranky. When completing your child’s bedroom incorporate different items and ideas into the bedroom.     Theme Children love expressing their personalities in their bedrooms. Let your … Read more

5 Easy Kitchen Tips: How to Run an Effective Kitchen

The kitchen is often the most used room in a home. To run a kitchen effectively you may wish to know about some hints, tips and tricks to implement into your countertop space. Perhaps, you have plastic grocery bags that you have saved taking up precious space in your kitchen or you have your recipes … Read more

How to Replace a Bathtub

Consider all aspects of replacing a bathtub, before installing a new tub. Take notice to what side the drain is in the tub you are replacing. A new bathtub will add resale value to a home. Bathtubs that are cracked and leaking will need replacing. According to, most manufactured home bathtubs are plastic. Plastic … Read more

Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Choose bathroom cabinets to make an impact in your bathroom. Bathroom cabinets typically consume most of the decorative space in a bathroom. Consider the use for your bathroom cabinets. People use their bathroom cabinets for a variety of options. Take into consideration purchasing unassembled cabinets compared to assembled. Select bathroom cabinets to match your personality. … Read more

Tips on Soldering A/C Line Sets

Soldering an A/C line set happens when you install an A/C unit yourself or your unit broke. The line set carries the Freon from the condensing unit to the coil located on the top of your furnace. Here are some tips on soldering A/C line sets.   A black rubber insulation wraps the line set. … Read more

How to Decorate a Black and Red Boy’s Bedroom

Teenage boys often do not prefer their rooms decorated in a immature theme. If your teen boy wishes a brand spanking new look to his room, it’s time to redecorate it to fit his personal style. Black and red works well as a color scheme to decorate a bedroom due to the amount of creativity … Read more

DIY Home Office Decorating Ideas

Part of the excitement of creating a home office involves decorating your office. Creating shelving for your home office does not have to involve spending a small fortune on premade shelving units. Instead, look around your home for items you have that you could turn into shelving. Hard work and creativity can create the perfect … Read more

DIY Old Mirror Ideas

Create gifts or a decorative item for your home along with your old mirrors. Adding items to an elderly mirror changes the look and feel of the mirror. Repurposing your old mirrors to make gifts or decorative items prevents you from having to buy a new mirror for the project. You do not need any … Read more

Landscaping Ideas for Your Driveway

When deciding on your landscaping design, do not forget to include your driveway. Typically, landscaping tends to lack around driveways. Decide if you want your driveway landscaping to include privacy or not. Landscaping your driveway adds curb appeal to your home.   Border Your Driveway Border your driveway with shrubs, flowers, a small wall or … Read more

DIY Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Instead of hiring a decorator to decorate your kitchen, do it yourself. Lots of do-it-yourselfers enjoy remodeling and decorating their homes. Decorating your kitchen lets you implement any color, design or pattern you wish. Decorating your kitchen yourself also saves you from paying a decorator. Decorating a kitchen does not need remodeling it–for example, installing … Read more

How to Remodel Walls

Walls in a home draw the eyes to them. Usually, rooms have four walls in them. If your walls lack a decorative touch, you may need to remodel them. You do not need to remove your current walls in your room to remodel them. You also do not require any special skills, such as strong … Read more

How to Tar a Mobile Home Roof

Replacing the tar coating on your mobile home roof can be a messy job but necessary to keep out the outdoor elements such as rain or snow. Some of the roofing tars on the market today are very energy efficient, and keeps up to 90% of sun rays out helping to reduce the inside temperature … Read more

How to Rescreen a Sliding Patio Door

If your patio door screen is damaged, you do not need to buy a new sliding door. You can repair almost every component of the door by purchasing replacement parts at any home improvement center. Screens come in a variety of sizes and materials. Fiberglass cloth screen is perhaps the most common and easiest to … Read more

How to Remove Paint From Hardware

Need to know how to remove paint from hardware? You can remove paint from household hardware such as hinges, doorknobs, or electrical faceplates without using harsh chemicals or solvents to restore the natural beauty of the metal hardware. This can be done by with a few easy steps and using common household materials. Perhaps a … Read more

How to Install Sticky Tile

There are some big questions to answer when you are installing vinyl adhesive tiles – also known as sticky tile. Do you need an underlayment? How well do the tiles stick, and for how long will they stick. Do you need extra adhesive to ensure the longevity of the tile adhesion? All of these concerns … Read more

How to Install a New Digital Thermostat

When installing a new digital thermostat there are a couple of things to figure out. Is your home a single zone thermostat or a multi zone thermostat? If you have one furnace and one central air unit, that would be a single zone. If you have more than one furnace or air unit you would … Read more

How to Repair Window Rot

Rotten windowsills may cause damage to the interior of your home by allowing rainwater to enter the home. If an exterior windowsill on your home contains rotten wood, you may wish to repair the wood. Repairing a rotten windowsill enhances the curb appeal of your home. A windowsill is located on the exterior of your … Read more

How to Make Double-Sided Flare Fittings

It’s time to create double-sided flare fittings on your flexible copper tubing. Creating a double-sided flare fitting allows you to adjoin two pieces of copper tubing. Typically, you would create a double-sided flare fitting when wish to create a connection from your main water source—for example, connecting a new toilet. When connecting a double-sided flare … Read more

How to Stop Howling Water Pipes

If you turn on your water and notice they howl or make strange noises, you may wish to repair them in order avoid unwanted noises coming from them. A water hammer arrestor allows excess water pressure or steam to escape through the water hammer arrestor. This reduces the noise coming from your pipes. Howling faucets … Read more

How to Install a Dry Well

If your lawn looks like you have a small pond, but you don’t, you may wish to consider installing a dry well. Installing a dry well is an inexpensive solution to channel water away from your home or other areas in your yard where water may collect and pool. This prevents possible water damage to … Read more

How to Install a Refrigerator Door Gasket

Feeling cold air around your refrigerator or freezer door means you need to replace the gasket. The cold air should stay inside the appliance and not seep out of it. A faulty door gasket may cause a freezer to allow condensation inside the freezer, causing it to ice. A refrigerator with a faulty door gasket … Read more

How to Fix a Leaf Blower Pull Cord

If your leaf blower pull cord becomes damaged you may wish to replace it. Over time, the pull cord on a leaf blower may become brittle from the heat of the motor. Commonly, pull cords fray or tear causing you to replace them. If this has happened to your leaf blower, you do not need … Read more

Basement Design Ideas: What to Do With Your Basement

Homes with basements provide limitless ideas for the basement’s use. Perhaps, you enjoy crafts but do not have a designated area for crafting or you wish to have a home-based business. Consider all possibilities for your basement. Create an extension of your home or turn your basement into an area all its own. When figuring … Read more

DIY Flagstone Patio or Walkway

Perhaps your landscaping lacks a walkway or patio. Consider installing a flagstone walkway or patio. Installing flagstone does not require extensive skill, tools or knowledge yet adds a decorative touch to your lawn. Staking out the area allows you to change the design before you start the installation of the flagstones. This gives you a … Read more

Decorating a Home with Wooden Ceilings

Wooden ceilings in homes give the home an elegant, country appearance. In lieu of decorating your home with dark accent colors & items, think about incorporating a variation of light & dark items. Light-colored items emphasize your home’s wooden ceilings as they contrast it. Dark-colored items balance the look to the room. You do not … Read more

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