6 Ways to Organize Your Work from Home Career and Life

Unless you are organized you may fail at working from home. There was a day (years ago) that I jumped in head-first. I didn’t organize anything. In fact, I had sticky notes all over my computer, desk, wall, you name it, and before I knew it those sticky notes magically disappeared and I was lost. … Read more

How to Decorate and Organize a Small Apartment

When living in a small apartment or home you will have to find creative ways to store your items, while keeping your home looking neat and tidy. You do not need to spend a small fortune on specific items used for storing your belongings. Creativity and a little imagination can make the difference between a … Read more

5 Steps to Creating an Organized Kitchen

For many homes, our kitchens get the most activity. Because we cook in our kitchens, sit down to eat our meals in our kitchens, socialize in our kitchens and many do schoolwork in our kitchens. Unproductive kitchens lead to unproductive time management. According to Duke University, removing clutter from our work area will greatly reduce … Read more

How to Organize a Child’s Bedroom in 4 Simple Steps

Children often spend hours in their bedrooms. Creating a bedroom that will work for the child instead of against the child will prevent him from becoming disorganized and cranky. When completing your child’s bedroom incorporate different items and ideas into the bedroom.     Theme Children love expressing their personalities in their bedrooms. Let your … Read more

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