Howdy! Welcome to my little place on the Internet I like to call StephanieNolan. You see, I have started blog-after-blog, and no domain name I bought just said ME! I used to run a very POPULAR site called “My Mom’s Totally Nuts!”  I started that site with just my experience I gained working for clients, and within a year I grew a following beyond my belief! My daughter came up with that name. I will tell you how… LOL!




Back in the day when I used to work around the clock for clients, I pulled an all-nighter … meaning I worked 24-hours straight! My second daughter came into my room at the time, and I was twirling around in my chair singing like a fool, LOL! She happened to be on the phone with one of her friends at the time, and blurted out “My Mom’s Totally Nuts!” That day …. my old domain name was born!


However, it just didn’t quite “feel right!” so after a lot of thought, I decided to start this site.


I am a goofball. I am serious. I love to read. I love to share. I have been down just about every single road life can dish out. I don’t hold back. I am blunt. I am honest. If you want someone who sugarcoats stuff then I am sorry but I am not the site you need to follow.


I love creating the “easy life!” What in the hell do I mean? I love decorating my home with my own DIY projects. I love easy meals. I love making money in my pajamas. I love gardening. I love sharing ….


So, I started this site to share with you EVERYTHING I can! I am a nut! I have A LOT in this brain of mine I want to share with others. I will be sharing work-at-home information, paranormal (I do have gifts,) frugal living, parenting, venting, humor, really whatever I can to help make YOUR life easier!


Welcome and I hope that you stick around!


stephanie nolan

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