You will NEVER believe how I started working at home…It’s rather funny when I think about how I started my online career. I used to sell floppy disks via postal mail to people who answered a classified ad I placed online telling them to do the exact same thing I just did. Yep, I was “working from home!” LOL!




What did I do?


I answered a classified ad online in the “Yahoo Classifieds” thinking I was paying for information to TRULY work-from-home.  The ad “caught my eye.” You know what I’m talking about… you’ve seen an advertisement online that for some reason just “catches your eye.”


I was so excited. I anticipated the information and my “kit.” I paid my $7.99, and it started…


My work-from-home kit finally arrived.  I sat down looking at this tiny envelope wondering what the heck I paid for.


I opened the envelope …disappointed.


I had a piece of paper that was printed from someone’s home printer with instructions to go to Wal-mart, and purchase a package of floppy disks.


I, then, had to create profiles at certain places online and copy and paste the exact same ad that I had answered, and wait.


When someone answered my ad, I simply “sold” them the “work-at-home” kit.


I collected the money and obtained the customers mailing address.


I, then, copied the information that came on the floppy disk I paid for. I scanned the “instructions,” and printed them.


I addressed the envelope, inserted the floppy disk and ‘instructions’, and mailed to the customer.


I repeated this process all day! Placing ads online, and waiting. Oh the wait… it was a killer!


I QUICKLY learned that copying the exact same ads I received was NOT working.


I didn’t like them. So, I created my own. I placed MY ads all over and went to bed.


I woke up the next morning to over $100! I was hooked!


It’s very similar to MANY so-called opportunities that many people “spout” all over the Internet saying are legit, etc.


Okay, yes, TECHNICALLY there is NOTHING illegal with making money by repeating the exact same thing someone told you to do, which is more than likely the person who “hired” you to work from home. Heck, I did. I didn’t know any better.


Then one day… overnight, I swear… everyone caught on. BAM!


The wonderful income I was accustomed to making from the comfort of my home while homeschooling my children VANISHED!


I went into a panic. What in the hell was I going to do?

I kept searching.

I tried this or that.

I was scammed SO MANY TIMES.


EVERY SINGLE TIME I thought “well, this has to finally be the real deal!”


EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I was let down.


I decided I would find something legit to do from home. I was on a mission.

I was not going to give up until I was making money from home.




This time – I wanted STABLE income. I wanted to be MY OWN BOSS. I wanted to know that if I go to bed one night, I will still be able to work-from-home when I wake in the morning.


20 years later… you are reading my blog!   I am NOT like many. I DO NOT JUST sell you a product and vanish.


In fact, I created a PRIVATE Facebook support group for EVERYONE who purchases this eBook. I personally help you succeed in your online career.


If YOU are interested in working from home, don’t miss my post! 

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Today, I am featured ALL OVER the INTERNET… including USA TODAY TWICE! 🙂 If you TRULY want or NEED to work from home, I can and will help you! 

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