Small Condo Living Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating the lounge in a small condo may appear like a challenge. Furniture pieces usually present in a living room may not work in a condo living room, as they take up much room. Downsizing and painting the walls a different paint color may help. Generating the illusion of more space can make a little living room appear much larger. Here are some small condo living room decorating ideas.

Paint the small living room in a light shade to generate the illusion of more space. Light colors make a room appear larger, compared with dark colors, which can make a room appear little.

Select curtains that are light-colored or pastel. Think about making them sheer, as well. Light, airy colors and fabrics make a room look bigger, partly because they let in more natural light. This means fewer shadows, which can make a room feel closed in.

Hang a variety of mirrors on the walls in your small living room. Mirrors appear to expand the space and reflect light, which brightens the lounge.

Replace full-size furniture and excessively giant pieces in your living room with furniture that takes up less space. For example, swap your traditional couch for a love chair. Replace overstuffed armchairs with or side chairs.

Remove the coffee table from your living room condo. Coffee tables can take up a little bit of floor space, which a small condo living room doesn’t have.

Place little lamps on the finish tables in the lounge. Little lamps keep the room in scale while serving their utilitarian purpose.

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