Puppy Training Stages

When training your puppy, it is important to give positive encouragement to your puppy. Always try to keep the training session short, and enjoyable for the puppy. Puppies will loose focus after training for a long period. Install good behavioral routines in the early stages of puppy training, rather than trying to correct bad behavior later on. Follow regular routines for the puppy, and the puppy will look forward to his training routines.


House Training
The first stage of training your puppy is house training. Puppies do not know when, or where to relieve themselves. Develop feeding routines, and always feed the puppy at the same time every day. Putting the food, and water away at night, will help develop a schedule for the puppy potty breaks.

Puppy Biting
Puppy biting is common, and a normal stage for your puppy. Do not play chase, wrestle or tug of war type games with your puppy. This will encourage biting, and nipping in the early stages of your puppy’s life. Use a stern command word. This will let your puppy know you are in control, but never hit the puppy as that will only cause other problems.

Puppy Leash Training
The best time to train a dog for a leash is in the puppy stages. When walking a puppy on a leash, never let the dog walk in front of you. Allowing your puppy to walk in front of you will make your puppy think he is in charge. If this happens, stop walking, and call the puppy back to you, before walking again. After a few weeks of steady training, your puppy will not pull ahead of you on his leash any more.

Puppy Obedience Training
Puppy obedience training will teach your puppy some common commands such as sit, stay and come. These commands will all be helpful in teaching your puppy, and this will build a bond between you and your puppy. Puppy obedience training will take time and dedication from you.

Puppy Kennel or Crate Training
Puppy kennel or crate training, allows the puppy to have a secluded spot that is all his own. This will help your puppy from developing separation anxiety because he will be used to being alone. Kennels will help the potty training stage as well. Puppies will not spoil the area in which they sleep.


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