Pink and Black Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Adults and babies alike enjoy the look of a bedroom decorated in pink and black. When decorating a room in these colors, think about whether you require a subtle look to the room or a bold, dramatic appearance. Soft light shades of pink generate a subtle appearance, while hot pink creates a dramatic effect. Pink and black fabrics come in a immense variety of patterns including zebra stripes and flowers. You do not require any special skills or tools to decorate a bedroom pink and black. Permit a weekend to complete the bedroom decoration. Here are some pink and black bedroom decorating ideas.

Paint the walls in the bedroom with interior paint. Select a light shade of pink as this works well when adding dark colors to the room to balance them. Permit the paint to dry before moving on to the next step.

Stencil a black design around the bedroom walls with a stencil, stencil paint as well as a stencil brush. When selecting the stencil for the bedroom, take in to account any specific patterns that you plant to make use of to decorate the room–for example, in the event you plan to incorporate pink and black zebra patterns, select a stencil in a zebra stripe pattern.

Hang pink and black curtains on the windows as the bedroom’s window treatments. Blinds or shades do not work well when decorating a bedroom in a pink and black theme.

Incorporate black furniture in the bedroom, including a black bed frame, headboard, dresser and tables. Black furniture emphasizes the colors of the bedroom.

Dress the bed with hot pink sheets, a pink and black comforter, a black bed skirt and pink or black pillow shams. You may wish also to place solid colored pink and black toss pillows on the bed for an added decoration.

Place baskets on the dresser in the bedroom in a variety of different shades of pink including soft pink and hot pink. This decorates the bedroom and provides storage.

Place a pink lamp on the bedside table. A pink lamp works well because the furniture in the room is black.

Hang pink and black framed artwork on the walls in the bedroom with nails as well as a hammer. The framed artwork decorates the bare walls.

Place rugs on the floor to decorate the appearance of the floor. Think about placing rugs next to the bed, dresser and the door. Depending on your personal preference, you may require to place pink and black rugs on the floor or rugs in solid black or pink.

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