Painting a Beautiful Home

The secret of painting a beautiful home starts in the preparation. No amount of paint will make a home look beautiful if it has peeling wood, holes or cracks. Making repairs to the exterior of a home ensures the paint will last and appeal to the eye. Restoring the exterior of your home to its original condition will make or break a beautiful paint job.


Things Needed

Putty knife




Caulking gun



Garden hose

Drop cloth


Caulk and glaze

Wood filler


Step 1

Tie back or trim bushes and limbs that interfere with painting your home. Cover plants in your work area with a drop cloth or tarp. Make sure to cover all greenery completely. Turn off your air conditioning and exhaust fans. Cover and seal air conditioning and exhaust fans with plastic and tape before painting your home. This prevents paint fumes from entering your home as well as your air conditioner or exhaust fans accidently being painted shut.

Step 2

Remove all shutters and hardware from the outside of your home with your hammer and screwdriver. Close all storm windows as well. Make repairs to siding and trim as necessary, and fill rotted or insect damaged wood with wood filler.

Step 3

Remove the old putty around windows with a putty knife and apply a new glazing compound with your caulking gun. Take precaution when removing the old putty, this ensures that you will not break the windows. . Re-glaze the windows by placing your glazing in the caulking gun, and following the instructions.

Step 4

Start at the top of your home, and scrape any loose paint from the siding, walls and trim.

Step 5

Remove any remaining paint particles on your home with a power sander. Power sanders cut through paint quickly, take precautions not to damage the siding on your home.

Step 6

Wash—with soap and water– the outside of your home with a brush or broom, and scrub all surfaces. For a faster, thorough cleaning, rent a pressure washer and wash the exterior of your home.

Step 7

Rinse the entire exterior of your home with a garden house until the runoff water is clear. Let the siding and trim dry completely—usually two days—before applying any paint to your home.


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