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MANY years ago dear friends of mine (who also happen to be world renowned psychics) read for me, and they told me that I NEED to share MY GIFT online with the world. I wasn’t ready yet. I wasn’t ready for the critics, or naysayers; however, today I refuse to live in the “closet!” I am officially coming out of the closet, and sharing my “gifts” with the world. I am offering spiritual readings for ALL!



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If you are not used to ME personally, my gifts I was born with, or you are just a skeptic please allow me to prove to you that another realm does exist. There are REAL people who can “see, hear, talk, etc.” to spirits. No I am NOT talking about the stuff you see on TV.

Most of my life (until now, ha ha) I kept my “gifts” a secret unless I was told to warn a person about upcoming danger, or I was asked to “read” for someone. I was born with the MANY gifts. It runs DEEP in my family!



When I was a child, I was scared. I could not understand why I was seeing people who weren’t on this planet. I could not understand why I was hearing people talk that I could not see. I could not understand why I was being touched by someone who was not “alive!” I couldn’t understand any of it.



As a grown woman, I am honored that I was given such gifts. I am honored that I am able to help others. I am honored that I can provide insight. I have grown my gifts. Each and every day I strive to become stronger to help more people.


psychic reading

I was given the gift years ago from my psychic friends. They taught me how to grow my gift. They taught me how to share without being embarrassed. They were my cheerleaders!  I started learning everything I could. I started doing “exercises” to increase my “strength.”



My ENTIRE life I have performed private “spiritual readings” for people. I lost count how many I have done over the years. I am proud to say that I am VERY accurate.  Soon you will SEE MANY TESTIMONIALS on this site from people I have read for.



I share with you what I am given, but in a way that YOU understand. I will NEVER relay information given to me in a harsh manner. It is NOT up to me what is shared during a reading. Sometimes I am given ONE WORD that will MEAN something to you. I have NO IDEA what it is, but I share it. It is up to YOU to figure out the meaning.



 I share with you what I am given. If you are seeking information that is not available during ONE reading it does NOT mean that it will NOT be available during a different reading, it simply means that the spirits wanted you to have the information they shared at the time of YOUR reading.



I am the real deal. If you want a reading from me, please sign up today. I will need to know your full name, and date of birth, and see a photo of you.

That is seriously all I need.
I will complete all readings within 72-hours.



Each and every person I have read for has cried, and thanked me.



If you are wondering about your next job, relationship, etc.. I provide you insight to the unknown!

I look forward to reading for you!



stephanie nolan

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