NEVER ALONE – Based on a True Story

A ‘lost,’ young girl starts to see, and talk to the dead after her father abuses her behind closed doors late one night. She’s used to him sneaking into her room and abusing her, but this night was different. She felt funny after he left her room. She didn’t know why THIS night would FOREVER be burnt in her memory. She was merely 8-years old!



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Late at night on November 4th, 1979 Derek, Mia’s father crept into Mia’s bedroom again, as soon as Trish, Mia’s mother, fell asleep. Every night Mia would vomit in the anticipation that, as soon as, her mother was asleep, her father would wake her up again. The nasty pig was in her bedroom again. She heard him walk down the hallway, as if, he were sneaky! She KNEW it was him. Her skin crawled. Her stomach turned. She pretended she was asleep.



Derek left Mia’s bedroom AGAIN, but this time Mia was not alone! This evening the dead started revealing themselves, and communicating with Mia in an attempt to comfort her. Mia soon realized she was hearing, seeing, and talking to ‘ghosts!’ She was talking to loved ones she never met, others she remembered, and even complete “strangers” were communicating with her. They wanted Mia to survive, to live, to talk, to share…



Mia’s mom acts like nothing happens. She goes along her days pretending everything is ‘normal’ in their home. Mia often wondered how-in-the-hell, her mom, did not realize her dad was sexually abusing her. How could her mom not recognize she was alone night-after-night? Mia just couldn’t understand how her mother could do this to her as well.



Mia often wondered why Trish would allow her husband to do THIS to her! Trish had to have known right? What wife would not realize that her husband was missing from her bed, night-after-night? Mia summed it up to her mother’s evil hatred for her.



Mia’s life turned upside-down after she found the courage to confront her parents. Her father committed suicide. Her mother called her a ‘murderer,’ and pretended she didn’t exist. Mia found herself a 15-year old teenager seeing her dead father the night he passed away walking down the hallway.



This is how Mia’s life began. How Mia rewrites the rest of her life by accepting her “differences,” and overcoming obstacles throughout her life’s journey’s is truly an inspirational, must-read story!
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