I am honored that Lyn Lomasi showcased ME, and MY work-at-home program on her blog Life Successfully!  I met Lyn MANY years when she was a community manager for Yahoo! Lyn, and I quickly became friends. Lyn owns multiple companies online. She is go-getter, and willing to help anyone learn!




work at home


Lyn describes herself as:


Lyn Lomasi & Richard Rowell are life & business partners. Owners of the Write W.A.V.E. Media network, they are your content superheroes to the rescue! Running their network, tackling deadlines single handedly, and coaching fellow writers & entrepreneurs to be thought leaders is their top priority. While rescuing civilians from boring content and marketing, they conquer the world, living the RV life and making Crafts For A Purpose with their awesomely crazy family while recounting The Nova Skye Story, along withKymani’s Travels. They also strive to one-day cuddle with lions and giraffes. Until then, they’ll settle for furry rescue kitties and doggies.


Thank you, Lyn! I love ya girl!


If you are interested in working at home with me please click on the image below for more information! 



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