Landscaping Ideas for Your Driveway

When deciding on your landscaping design, do not forget to include your driveway. Typically, landscaping tends to lack around driveways. Decide if you want your driveway landscaping to include privacy or not. Landscaping your driveway adds curb appeal to your home.


Border Your Driveway

Border your driveway with shrubs, flowers, a small wall or a small fence. Driveways typically lack landscaping, yet hold limitless possibilities for creating beautiful landscaping. Perhaps, you wish to plant flowers in a color matching the exterior of your home or you wish for a small wall cement to border your driveway. Installing a small wire fence around your driveway does not should take less than an hour and provide you with a place to hang decorations. When deciding on the border for your driveway, consider the overall atmosphere of your landscaping.


Widen Your Driveway

Widen your driveway with pavers. Purchase pavers in different colors and use them on each side of the driveway. You do not need to dig deep into the land to install pavers, instead dig a small hole to lay the paver in. Do this for each paver installed. This ensures the pavers do not move with the weight of a vehicle. Possibly, you want pavers the same size or different sizes. Let your imagination guide you as you determine the design of the pavers.


Plant Along the Driveway

Decorate the border of your driveway with flowers or greenery. Choose flowers in contrasting colors—for example, blue and orange create a dramatic landscaping effect. If you wish for a more subtle effect, plant light colored flowers or shrubs. Decide if you want to plant the flowers directly into the ground or wish to incorporate decorative containers for each flower.


Light Up Your Driveway

Install solar lights around your driveway. This adds a decorative appeal to your landscaping. You can purchase solar lights at your local department store or hardware store inexpensively. Solar lights do not require any special tools to install, simply stick them in the ground. They come in a variety of sizes and colors—for example, copper. As dusk approaches, your driveway lights up. Guests can easily find your home with a driveway bordered in solar lights.



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