Italian Style Home Decorating Ideas

If you love the appearance of a Italian decorated home, decorate your home in this theme. This theme can be used to decorate any home anywhere. Italian themed homes display bright, bold, vivid colors. Bland or subtle colors do not work well in Italian decorating. You do not need any special skills or tools to decorate your home in a Italian theme. Permit ample time to complete decorating your whole home. Here are some Italian style home decorating ideas.

Paint the walls in your home with interior paint, a paintbrush and paint roller. Italian homes usually have bright, bold colored walls – for example yellow, orange or red. Permit the paint to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions before continuing onto the next step.

Incorporate colors present in nature on the walls, furnishings and accessories. The most usually used colors include reds, yellows, oranges, blues and browns. Adding beige or white accessories or furnishings emphasizes the Italian color process and balances the color palette in the house.

Decorate the home with large, wooden furniture. Select wooden furniture in a dark color in lieu of a light color. This works well when decorating a Italian home. Modern furniture is not suitable when using this theme, as it does not incorporate natural elements, nor does it have an organic feel.

Place a variety of wrought iron accessories throughout the home. For example, you may choose a wrought iron paper towel holder, wrought iron candleholders as well as a wrought iron framed clock.

Decorate the floors and shelving with pottery. Unglazed terracotta pots work well because of their handmade look and colorful appearance.

Hang relatives’ photographs framed in black frames throughout the home. Black frames complement the wrought iron accessories. Relatives’ photographs complement the Italian decorating idea of the home as a comfortable space for relatives.

Hang bright, bold tapestry wall hangings in the house to decorate the walls. Include tapestry wall hangings in the hall, living room and den.

Place colorful woven rugs in the house on the wooden floors. Usually, Italian homes have wooden floors and colorful rugs decorate the floor while complementing the d├ęcor in the house.

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