Important Blogger Privacy Tips Every Blogger Needs

One of the biggest concerns a blogger has is “how will blogging affect his or her privacy? I know this held true for me when I decided to venture into the blogging world years ago. Putting yourself out there, online can be scary, but it don’t have to be!  When you purchase your domain name, did you use your real name or a pen name? You can use your real name as your domain name if you wish such as I did without breaking your privacy boundaries.


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Purchase the extra privacy protection with your domain name purchase. Anyone can perform a search, and can find out your personal information, your address, children’s names, etc. I highly recommend paying the extra few dollars a month for protection.


Using family names on a blog is about a loaded topic as one can get. I know bloggers who use their children’s names, etc. and it works for them. I also know of bloggers who keep their family names very private. If you are starting a blog to make money, aka a professional blog, a blog you are going to brand, I highly recommend using your name as your domain name; however, you do not have to share the names of your children, etc.


Images are a HUGE part of blogging, and you will need to use them. However, you do NOT have to use images of your family if you do not wish. Many bloggers use ONLY royalty-free images they found online, while other bloggers believe in using only images they have taken themselves.


I will use both. I believe that a blogger can be successful if he or she uses free stock images or images of his or her child. I do not share the names of my family members on my blog. I learned years ago, that when I see something as cute, etc. others can see it differently.


I am often asked why I have more than one Facebook account, and the answer is scary.


We live in a digital age. People from all walks of life can and will run across your blog, your social media accounts, etc. I had no idea when I first started helping people work-at-home that creeps would contact my then minor daughters REPEATEDLY!


I quickly removed my children from my work accounts. It saddens me that we live in a world where we have to think about everything we share online.


You will at one point in time, or another have someone leave you a nasty comment on your blog. Perhaps, you have someone who hates everything you write. It’s okay. Let it roll off your shoulders. YOU CANNOT please EVERYONE! You must grow thick skin when you want to work online.

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