How to Tar a Mobile Home Roof

Replacing the tar coating on your mobile home roof can be a messy job but necessary to keep out the outdoor elements such as rain or snow. Some of the roofing tars on the market today are very energy efficient, and keeps up to 90% of sun rays out helping to reduce the inside temperature of the mobile home. Tarring your mobile home roof should not be attempted unless you are comfortable with heights and walking on the roof. If you are up to the task, here is how to tar a mobile home roof.


Things you will need



Paint brushes

Yarn headed mop


Step 1

Set up your ladder to obtain access to your mobile homes roof. Always try to walk on the roof joists so you do not cave in the metal on your roof.

Step 2

Open the bucket of tar and determine if it needs to be mixed. If this is the case a good way to thin the tar is using gasoline, and stirring the bucket of tar until it is a thinner consistency. Take all necessary precautions when working with gasoline.

Step 3

Starting at one end of the roof use a paintbrush, and apply a liberal amount of tar around the whole perimeter of the roof. Be sure to apply the tar about a foot in from the edge of the roof. Use the paintbrush for any roof vents or chimney, and apply a thick layer of tar around these vents.

Step 4

Use a rag headed mop and dip it in to the tar bucket. Apply a liberal amount of tar to the mop head. Mop the entire roof in a side to side motion staying away from the edge of the roof until you have reached the other end of the roof. Be sure you mop your way back to the ladder. Mopping yourself into a corner of the roof could lead to potential complications of you getting off your roof.

Step 5

You may need a second coat of tar. Be sure you allow at least 24-48 hours for the first coat to dry before applying another coat.

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