A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Start a Blog with NO EXPERIENCE and MAKE MONEY YOUR FIRST MONTH WITH ADSENSE!

Do you want to start a blog, but have absolutely NO IDEA where to start? No worries! I have created blogs for YEARS working from for private clients. I know what it takes to get approved for AdSense within TWO WEEKS! I know how to use SEO for blogging in order to make money and drive traffic.

Have you ever thought about starting a blog, but have NO IDEA where to start? Do you want to learn how to make money blogging within your first month without experience?

What if I told you, I have ghost-created blogs for LARGE companies, and I have learned what it takes to successfully make money blogging, and almost instantly!

You do NOT need to be a writer in order to blog. You do NOT need experience.

I walk you through each-and-every step!









Blogging truly can change your financial life!

When I started working at home, there was no how-to guide. There definitely was not a how-to blog guide. Blogging is amazing. Blogging can be a HUGE BLESSING IF YOU ARE DEDICATED.


I have a degree in Business Management and a degree in Criminal Justice. I owe the government more money than I care to share for those degrees, and what do I do?




I work-at-home!



A ton places talk about blogging. They talk about how much money they make. They talk about how great blogging is, and how it changed their lives, but they do NOT share with YOU how to start and run a successful blog!


I truly believe that ANYONE who works from home should have a blog.



I truly believe that blogging CAN and WILL change your life like has mine and so many others.


You do NOT need special skills with my easy to follow guide.


Blogging gives you INSTANT credibility!

Blogging opens doors for work-from-home companies that are willing to pay HUNDREDS of dollars for a quick review of their product ON YOUR BLOG!


I show you how to get FREE products using your blog.




I show you how to create a blog using WordPress, complete with screenshots of my actual WordPress dashboard.




I share with you MY SECRET to getting approved for AdSense within TWO WEEKS of starting a brand-new blog!








I share with you how to rock social media and grow your following.



I share with you where to get free images for your blog, and HOW TO CREATE images.



Let me help you create a professional blog without stressing and make money from the comfort of your home!





“How to Start a Blog with No Experience, and Make Money Your First Month” is an easy to follow guide for beginners, and provides insightful tips for experienced bloggers who are having difficulties gaining traffic, being approved for affiliate marketing such as AdSense, etc.


ANYONE and EVERYONE I truly believe should blog! When I started working from home blogs were becoming popular.



However, unless you knew what you were doing you didn’t go far. MANY people started a blog and ended blogging just as fast.









The idea of running a blog sounds amazing to many; however, they were never shown to properly set up a blog, how to get APPROVED for AdSense within TWO WEEKs, and more.


No wonder why so many people stopped blogging.


How to Start a Blog with No Experience, and Make Money Your First Month –
Easy to Follow Guide for Beginners Includes:

• Easy to Follow Guide for Beginners
• Get Approved for AdSense in TWO WEEKS!
• WordPress Explained
o SEO Easily Explained for Blogging
o FREE WordPress Plugin’s Recommended
o Blog Design Basics
o How to Create Images
o More..

• How to CORRECTLY Structure a Blog Post

• How to Make Money Your FIRST Month of Blogging

• How to Rock Social Media

• Affiliate Sales/Sponsored Posts, Etc. Explained

• All About The Money
? Affiliate Sales Explained
? Sponsored Posts Explained
? Selling Ads on Your Blog
? eBooks/Own Products

• Discovering, and Remembering Your WHY
• Is Blogging for You?
• Finding and Using YOUR Voice
• Why No One is Reading Your Blog
• How to Correctly Structure a Blog Post
• Why You MUST Believe in Yourself
• How to Find and Create Balance
• Privacy Thoughts
The Design
• WordPress Easily Explained
o Blog Design Basics
o SEO Explained for Blogging
o How to Create Images
o Advanced Designing Tips
Blogging Success
• How to Brand Yourself Successfully
• How to Rock Social Media
• All About The Money
o Affiliate Sales Explained
o Sponsored Posts Explained
o Selling Ads on Your Blog
o eBooks/Own Products

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