How to Rescreen a Sliding Patio Door

If your patio door screen is damaged, you do not need to buy a new sliding door. You can repair almost every component of the door by purchasing replacement parts at any home improvement center. Screens come in a variety of sizes and materials. Fiberglass cloth screen is perhaps the most common and easiest to work with. If you have trouble with your cat or dog scratching at your screen, there are heavy-duty screens on the market called a pet proof screen. When purchasing your choice of screen, make sure it will over lap on all sides of your door by a minimum of two inches. Here’s how to rescreen a sliding patio door.


Things you will need

A roll of new screen

New spline

Flat area to work on the screen door

Splining tool (used for the installation wire looking rubber found around the screen)

Razor knife

An awl or standard screwdriver

Phillips screwdriver


Step 1

Remove the sliding door from the track by using a standard screwdriver. Push the roller wheels upward until the roller comes free from the track, and remove the screen door. This is a good time to clean any debris out of the track using an awl or other pointed tool.

Step 2

Lay your door down on a flat surface being sure to lay cardboard or carpet down underneath the door. This will protect the finish on your door. Remove the door handle from your screen door so that there is no obstruction when replacing the screen.

Step 3

Remove all the old spline that is holding the old screen in place. The spline will be brittle due to the weathering it has endured so it may break. Remove the old screen by pulling from the top to the bottom of the door.

Step 4

Roll the screen across the door frame until the whole door frame is covered by the new screen. Square the screen with the side of the door frame to ensure the screen and door frame are square with each other. Use the convex roller on the spline tool (this is the roller on the spline tool with no groove on the wheel). Push the screen into the groove starting on the longest side of the door frame.

Step 5

Push the spline down into the same groove starting at one end, and turn the spline tool around to use the concave roller to roll the spline tight down in to the groove. Cut the spline with a razor knife when you get to the bottom of the door.

Step 6

On the opposite long side of the frame, pull the screen so that it is tight, at the same time pressing the spline down into the groove on the doorframe. You will want to pull evenly as you work your way down the side to prevent the screen from looking lops-sided. Repeat this step for the top and bottom of the door frame cutting the spline at every corner of the door frame.

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