How to Replace a Toilet

Replacing a toilet yourself could save you money and the call to the plumber. This is a fairly easy procedure and most any one can achieve this project with ease. It does not require many parts or tools. For parts, all you will need are a new wax ring and a new toilet. The wax ring is located directly under the bottom of the toilet and keeps water from leaking out. This part is very inexpensive and can be bought at your local hardware store. The only tools you will need are a pair of pliers and a small adjustable wrench, plus paper towels and sponges. Here’s a DIY guide for how to replace a toilet.



New toilet

Wax ring

Adjustable wrench


Paper towels / Sponges



The first thing to do is turn off the water to the back of the toilet and remove the water line. This can be done by turning the shut off valve clockwise until it is off. Now, loosen the supply line with a pair of pliers. When the water is off and the supply line is removed, try to get as much water out of the back of the toilet tank and the toilet bowl itself by using a sponge or siphon.



Now you will need to loosen the toilet bowl screws with an adjustable wrench. These are located under the caps on each side of the toilet bowl. These are what secures the toilet to the floor. Remove the two blots one on each side of the toilet and wiggle the toilet by hand from side to side gently. This will break the existing wax ring seal.



Now that the seal has been broken, you will be able to lift the toilet out of place. Toilets can be heavy and fragile so you may want to get an extra hand for this step. Or, you can remove the upper tank on the toilet by removing the two bolts located on the under side of upper tank. This will lighten your load.



With the old toilet out, you will see the old wax ring on the toilet flange mounted in your floor. Clean out the entire old wax ring at this time using paper towels. This is important to ensure water tight seal with the new wax ring. Once the old wax ring is cleaned out, install the new one by placing it on the center of the toilet flange. The toilet flange is mounted to the 4 inch sewer pipe that comes up to the floor.



Once you have followed the assembly packing instructions for your new toilet, you are ready for re-installation of your toilet. Line up the two holes on each side of the toilet with the two flange bolts. These will already be in place from your old toilet. Once you have done this, press down firmly on the toilet to reseal the wax ring and tighten the bolts back down. Be careful to not over tighten as this can cause the new bowl to crack. Now, you are ready to reinstall the water line to the back of the toilet and turn the water back on.

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