How to Remodel Walls

Walls in a home draw the eyes to them. Usually, rooms have four walls in them. If your walls lack a decorative touch, you may need to remodel them. You do not need to remove your current walls in your room to remodel them. You also do not require any special skills, such as strong carpentry skills, to successfully remodel the walls in your home or office.



Change the colors of the walls in your room with a fresh coat of paint. Select interior paint, as this paint is specially made to be used inside, & paint the walls. When selecting your paint color for the walls, take in to account that light paint makes a room appear, larger & dark paint makes a room appear smaller. You may require to paint accent wall in the room as well. An accent wall is wall painted in a different shade or color of paint than the other walls in the room.



If painted walls bore you, wallpaper your walls. Adding wallpaper to your walls remodels the look & feel of the walls. Wallpaper comes in a sizable variety of colors, styles & patterns. Measure each wall in your room, & take these measurements with you when you buy your wallpaper. Prepasted wallpaper prevents you from having to applying a gluing material to your wallpaper while hanging it in the room.



Paneling comes in a sizable variety of colors, styles & patterns — for example, pick wooden paneling or paneling containing pics. You do not must remove your current walls to put in paneling. In lieu, secure paneling to your walls with nails as well as a hammer. Measure where you have electrical outlets on your wall, & cut them out of a piece of paneling with a saw. Install trim pieces along the seams of the paneling & in the corners of the room.



If your walls do not have trim, you may require to put in it. Purchase trim for the whole room. Secure the trim to your walls with finishing nails & your hammer. Apply paint or stain to the trim pieces for an added decorative touch. Tape the walls under the trim with tape to prevent paint from accidentally splattering on them.

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