How to Install a Vinyl Gutter System

Vinyl gutter systems snap together, and utilize a system of easy-to-install hanging brackets. Everything you need to replace or install vinyl gutters come in the system when you purchase it from your local hardware or home improvement store. Vinyl gutters contain permanent color and have a high durability to extreme heat and cold. Vinyl gutters typically require very little maintenance and approximately four hours to complete the installation.


Things Needed


Chalk line


Tape measure


Cordless drill

Carpenter’s level

Vinyl gutter system



Step 1

Start at the end opposite your downspout, and lay out a slope line for the gutters. Being one-inch down from the eaves’ overhang on your home and measure a slope of one-fourth inch per ten-feet toward your downspout, and snap your chalk line, creating a mark.

Step 2

Use the downspout outlets and corners as a measuring aid. Follow the manufactures directions for the setback distance as well. This ensures you have a line to follow for accuracy of the vinyl gutter insulation.

Step 3

Complete an entire run (chalking and measuring), and install hanging brackets. Hangers typically attach every 24 to 30 inches on the fascia, and the tops flush with your slope line.

Step 4

Begin hanging your vinyl gutters at the downspout outlet, by screwing them onto your home with screws and a drill. Lubricate all gaskets at the outlets and corners, according to the manufactures directions. Hang all gutter sections for the entire run, leaving a space for the connectors. The space you leave is the size of the connectors that came in your kit. Trim pieces to size with your hacksaw if any overhang.

Step 5

Join your vinyl gutter sections together with the connectors that came in your vinyl gutter kit. Apply lubrication if needed to the connector seals.

Step 6

Attach your vinyl gutter lengths and corners. Secure corners and downspout outlets with screws and a drill. Once secured, attach end caps.

Step 7

Tape your downspout elbow into the downspout outlet. Make sure that the lead end faces toward your home. Attach the downspout hanger to the siding. This ensures it will hold another elbow line. Cut a piece of the drainpipe so that it fits between the elbows.

Step 8

Install another hanger and elbow at the base of the siding (bottom of the home) in line with the elbow already mounted. Cut a piece of drainpipe to fit between these elbows (running down the side of your home), and start assembling, working from the bottom up.

Step 9

Add your outlet pipe, splash block and strainers.



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