How to Install a Refrigerator Door Gasket

Feeling cold air around your refrigerator or freezer door means you need to replace the gasket. The cold air should stay inside the appliance and not seep out of it. A faulty door gasket may cause a freezer to allow condensation inside the freezer, causing it to ice. A refrigerator with a faulty door gasket causes your refrigerator to turn on frequently, thus increasing your energy bill. Replacing a refrigerator door gasket is inexpensive, and does not require special tools or skills. Here’s how to install a door gasket yourself.



Replacement gasket



Loosen the screws in the metal retainer located under the gasket with your screwdriver until the lip of the gasket removes. You do need to remove the entire metal retainer in this step.


Gently pull the lip of the old gasket from under the metal retainer with your hands until it’s completely removed from the refrigerator.


Press the lip of the new gasket carefully under the metal retainer on the top of the refrigerator door with your hands. Continue pressing the lip of the gasket along the perimeter of your door.


Smooth the gasket around the entire refrigerator door with your hands. Verify the gasket is not too tight or too loose as this may cause the gasket not to function properly.


Retighten the screws you loosened in Step 1, located on the metal retainer with your screwdriver. Tighten the screws from the middle working outwards until all screws on the door have been tightened. Tighten them just enough to hold the refrigerator gasket in place. This allows to fix the gasket shall it pop out of the door.


Firmly tighten all screws holding the gasket to the door with your screwdriver.


Test the gasket by placing a flashlight in the freezer. Place a lit flashlight in the freezer and point it towards the gasket on the door. Close the door and notice if you see any light. If you do not see light, your gasket is installed correctly. If you do see light, you need to readjust the gasket and perform the test again until you do not see light.


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