How to Hang Box Pleat Curtains

Window treatments are an important aspect of home décor. Guests that enter the home will notice professional-looking window treatments.  Curtains can change the atmosphere of the home. They are able to add glamour, passion, and a hint of a person’s personality. In particular, the box pleat curtain has a sophisticated style. They are clean and crisp. Box pleat curtains can make a home cozier by adding a personal touch of the homeowner.  Here is how to hang box pleat curtains.


Step 1

Measure the exact area the box pleat curtains will cover. The size of the curtain is a personal choice. Measurements should include a double three-inch bottom hem, and 8 inches for the curtain header. For example, window length is 60 inches + double 3-inch hem (6) + double 4-inch hem (8) =74 inches for the length of the panel. The curtain tape used determines the curtain fullness.

Step 2

To determine the width needed for the fabric, measure the finished window. This measurement will include the curtain rod and overlaps. Multiply the fullness of the tape, and add 4-inches for a 1-inch hem on the panel. For example, window treatment width is 42 inches, curtain tape is 2 to 1 fullness this would equal 42 inches X 2 ½ = 105 + 4 (for the side hems) = 109 inches needed for the width of the fabric on a single panel.

Step 3

Measure for the center draw curtains in the same procedure, but add a total of 8 inches. The 8 inches is for the side hems. Side hems are a double 1-inch hem for each side of both panels. The fabric width measurement will determine the curtain tape needed.

Section 2

Step 1

Cut and piece together the fabric according to the measurements, and off any extra.

Step 2

On the length of the fabric, fold the backside in 1-inch and again another inch forming a double 1-inch hem and sew.

Step 3

At the top of the curtain fold the backside in 4-inches and again another 4-inches forming a double header and pin in place.

Step 4

On the header place, the curtain tape so that the marking line is visible. Place draw cords on the header. Starting at the end, fold under the raw edge and secure the draw cords with knots.

Step 5

On the backside of the curtain, across the header, pin the end and the side hem together.

Step 6

On the opposite side edge, fold about 1-inch of the curtain tape under and stitch down. This will prevent fraying. Do not catch the draw cord during the stitching.

Step 7

Along the length of the header, pin the curtain tape in place. This will prevent the tape from shifting during the sewing process.

Step 8

Stitch the curtain tape along the top of the header. Be careful not to catch any draw cords during stitching. Stitch the bottom edge together. Extra stitching will depend on the weight of the curtain material along with the curtain tape used.

Step 9

Hold the draw cords in one hand while moving the fabric along the cords. Do not force the fabric to form pleats. The curtain tape will form the pleats in the curtain. Pull until the draw cords disappear into the pleat, and knot the draw cords. Close the last pleat by wrapping it, this will laundering the box pleat curtain easier.

Step 10

Insert the hardware for hanging the curtain into the tapes, and hang curtain. While the curtain is hanging, pin the hem together to ensure an even hem.

Step 11

Remove curtain from curtain rod and sew together the hem.


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