How to Give Yourself a Boost of Energy

Running out of steam during the day is bothersome to many people. Coping with exhaustion is not fun, and can hinder your ability to complete all your daily tasks. If you find that you simply do not have enough pep to make it through your day without wishing or wanting a nap or some down time, you may want to try other ideas to give yourself a boost. Here are five ways to give yourself a boost of energy.

White Tea

White tea has less than half the caffeine found in black tea, a tenth of the caffeine found in a cup of coffee, but peps you up. You may be wondering how this tea will give you a boost during the day. White tea contains the most L-theanin – an amino acid – because it goes through the less amount of processing. White tea gives you a natural boost, perking you up. L-theanine stimulates the production of the alpha brain waves. Instead of taking medication, that stimulates the alpha brain waves. White tea also fends off infection by boosting your immune system! So, sit down, and enjoy a cup of white tea.


Most of us own a form of listening to music, be it a radio, a surround sound, our personal computer or an iPod. During the day when you are feeling your energy take a dive crank up some tunes. Listening to music is free and recharges your internal battery. How does listening to music work? It stimulates the brain cells because when music enters the brain it generates alertness-boosting electrical activity in the brain. Of course, if you listened to slow music this may not work. Instead, opt for up-beat tunes.


Imagination is a wonderful tool we all possess. Next time you are feeling sluggish, simply imagine yourself being more energetic. Professional athletes have been taught this secret, now it is time to use it in everyday life. When you imagine yourself doing something — for example, taking a brisk walk starts up the part of your brain that works when you actually do take that brisk walk.

Add Milk

If you grab a cup of coffee after a long day to give you an added boost of energy, add milk to it. Caffeine found in coffee does provide you with the much needed boost you are longing for, but adding milk to your coffee helps your body sustain it. Adding milk to your cup of coffee reduces the aches and pains you may be experiencing because it helps repair muscles. Aches and pains may slow you down, and preventing them from even starting may help you stay energized.

Open the Blinds

Opening the blinds and allowing the sun to enter to the room immediately perks up a mind, and body. Sunlight will directly active the brain system, helping you feel more alert. The sun stimulates the brain stem and thalamus, the areas the brain uses to feel alert and energized.


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